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    Hello, all. I'm completely new here and would like to ask a question: I just recently bought If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Volume 1 and was wondering if there was another way to access/read it other then on kindle? I was kind of hoping that the J Novel Club website had a list of all the stuff I bought and that I could read directly from their website, but I can't seem to find it, if it does exist. Also, would like to ask on how to get the Volume 1 Bonus Side Story?

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    @simplydex Did you buy it through Amazon directly on your kindle, or buy it on here and convert it to a kindle format?

    The retailers have the regular ebooks, but there are premium ebooks on this site that only members can buy that have extras the Kindle, Kobo etc etc versions don't have.

    You can buy them and convert them to other formats using software like Calibre and then send them to your e-reader (that's what I do), but if you buy them on the ereader itself, or through the links on this site to Amazon etc, they aren't the premium versions just the normal ones.

    Does that make sense or am I explaining it badly?

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    Anything you buy directly through this site using premium credits is listed in your library: (although you need to download the files and use an ePub reader; you can't read them directly on the site)

    J-Novel have no way of keeping track of purchases you made through third parties like Kindle (and even if they did, the premium epubs available here have extras not present in the version available elsewhere so they wouldn't be available free of charge anyway).

    If you bought through Amazon then the Kindle apps are available on most PCs and portable devices, and there is also a browser-based reader available for everything else at (or and so on).

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    I bought the book from Amazon. Since I did, I guess I won't be able to access it on my library on this website. Thanks for the heads up. Still wondering how do I get the extra side story from the first volume though.

  • @simplydex said in Buying and Reading Question:

    I bought the book from Amazon. Since I did, I guess I won't be able to access it on my library on this website. Thanks for the heads up. Still wondering how do I get the extra side story from the first volume though.

    The side story comes with the version you buy directly from this website. The versions from directly buying on this site with Premium Credits are called Premium Editions. At the end of each volume are the bonuses such as the short stories, bonus illustrations, and other stuff.

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    If you mean the short story that is exclusive to the premium ebook, then it is exclusive to the premium ebook and you would need to purchase that (I have recently switched to buying the premium books instead of the Kindle versions and re-buying some as an upgrade).

  • Normally, short stories are either everywhere (if it was a part of Japanese LN) or only in premium editions (if it was some limited bonus originally), but in this case there's also a free web-only short story available only through web reader and apps.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @shiroi-hane How do you buy the premium books? Do you have to be a premium member?

  • @simplydex you simply have to be a member

    Normal members pay $7 per credit

    Premium member receive 1 free credit when they sign up and 1 free credit on the 15th of ever month, also they can purchase additional credits at a discounted rate if $6 each.

    When you have the premium ePub file you can add It whatever reading all you wish, iBooks, google play books, kindle, etc...

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    @rahul-balaggan Ok thanks for the quick answer! Ill probably wait for the 15th and get a premium membership. How much do premium ePubs cost in credit?

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    1 credit per book.

  • @simplydex as @DTTA said 1 credit = any 1 book.

    Also I would recommend you get a membership on the 14th, that way you get 1 credit when you sign up and another credit on the 15th.

    The credit distribution process is not automatic, at some point every 15th of the month someone in Japan wakes up and manually gives out the credit.

    If you sign up too late on the 15th then you may miss the credit you would normally get on the 15th.

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