Pet Peeve for a smartphone...

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    I've recently discovered many Japanese anime come from light novels. I really enjoyed "In another world with my smartphone" and wondered if there was more material than what was presented in the anime.

    I found another website that had fan translations, but I wanted to find a way of supporting "the work" so to speak.

    Then I found your website and that you epublished this light novel series. Wonderful, not only do I get to read this novel in English, but I get to support a licensee in their efforts.

    For the most part, the translations are top notch. I really, really hate when the editors and translators leave their notes in the text.

    That being said, I'm very distracted by the amount of cussing that is in this work. There is an inconsistency of character created by the amount of curse words forced on the character Mochizuki Touya. I get that in the work of translation, there is no word for word. You interpret the sense of a sentence from Japanese to English. Japanese doesn't have the same type of profanity that English has. So I'm forced to conclude that the translator or editor decided add these elements as a personal choice.

    Based on the other works I've read, I believe that the Mochizuki Touya character isn't one to use harsh language.

    But, this is just my opinion and I don't expect anything to change. I'll keep purchasing your works, because I want more of light novels available for my reading pleasure.

    Since I am paying good money for this light novel series. I just wanted to say my 2 cents worth. Though in this case it's more like $24 (so far)

    Keep up the good work, I'm getting Arifureta and the Realist hero series next.

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    ..but in Japanese using the wrong pronouns or honourifics in the wrong circumstances is as bad as cussing someone out, which does not come across when translating literally.
    We're also talking about the same Touya who has

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    Touya swears a lot? Compared to the stuff @Shiroi-Hane listed in spoiler tags and his sadistic overuse of infinite slip I really hadn't noticed.

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    I can't even remember him swearing so I guess it didn't strike me as out of character.

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    He's sworn a few times, but mostly stuff like when that guy boasted about how when he married Yumina, he'd train her and make her beg and such. :)

  • I really think you're making a mountain out of an ant-hill here...

    The very few times I remember reading swears was during narration and not in dialogue. And I think expressions like "well, shit" and "get the fuck outta dodge" are fine/funny in context. Certainly not detracting from my enjoyment any.

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    Did you by chance see the Cussing in the Bonus/Interlude Chapters? Cuz those chapters were not originally in the WN but added when the LN was published. other than those Bonus/interlude stories the LN is pretty much 1-1 with the Original WN. In a sense, those stories are kinda "Non-Cannon" or just Supplementary.

  • Posting on a dead topic, woo!

    I also noticed an increasing trend on cursing as the novels progressed, what really bugged me was anything "Yulong" related. I can only interpret it as a parallel for China to vent wish fulfillment where the entire nation is Chaotic Evil and justifiably smote. I'm amazed that this stuff goes by without anyone batting an eye, but a vague character background line from New Life+ is cited as enough to cancel a series...

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    No one tell the Christians that [New Life+] Spoilers.

  • @aruseus493 Along those lines, tell Christians about Smartphone.

  • @aruseus493 I had actually forgotten about that little detail. Thanks for reminding me xD

  • @aruseus493 as a Christian (who still plans to read [New Life+] ) I feel this meme is appropriate alt text

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    Just wanted to mention that even as an Asian, I was bothered by these sorts of things too. But as a long time anime fan, I'm afraid I've gotten kinda used to it.

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