In 10.5 hours, there will be an Arifureta live-stream to show off the cast of the Drama CD.

  • Live Stream will be on Nico Nico Live.

    Details on it are on the Overlap Blog.

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    Hmm. That’s gonna be like 6am for me...Seeing as how we’re only just about to finish volume 4, is there any possibility for spoilers?

  • @legitpancake well, only if you speak japanese I guess?? I don't think they'll spoil anything though, as far as I know the only ones that'll make an appearance are Hajime, Yue and Shea, so at best they could spoil the first 3 volumes. I'll definitely listen to it, there's still an unannounced secret project tha was supposed to be revealed by the end of the year, THIS MIGHT BE IT crossing fingers for anime adaptation

  • @paulnamida
    Considering everything else they've announced, (Drama CD & Prequel LN) I don't see the secret project being anything other than an anime adaptation. Unless, it's a Pachinko machine. Which I'll totally buy. :3

  • Live stream has started.

  • Volume 7 cover has finally been revealed. We've looped back around to Yue being on the cover again. The Drama CD version features Yue with some kind of recording microphone. I'm surprised that we've looped to having Yue on the cover again. I feel like there are a lot more heroines/girls that could have been on the covers.

    Hajime sounds more manly than you'd think in the Drama CD. Also, the story of the Drama CD sounds like it's similar to the bonus short stories.

  • Notable announcements:

    • Anime Adaptation Announced - Starts April 2018. (I'm hearing from White Fox)
    • Arifureta Zero LN to get Manga Adaptation
    • Second Drama CD Announced for March 25th

  • @aruseus493 ikr?? Eri got on the cover but no Ai-chan?? I hope it at least gets an special edition with an alternative cover featuring Ai-chan, she's been neglected for too long.

    Second Drama CD for March?? so, only 3 months between Vol. 7 and 8?? I thought we'd be getting caught up by vol. 9 but if it comes out this fast then we might only catch up on vol. 10 (probably as the main story ends)

  • @paulnamida
    I wanted Suzu on a cover too. And yea, only 3 months between volumes 7 and 8. Overlap is after my wallet. Comiket is coming up too and there are 4 wall scrolls I need to get. T_T

    Otherwise, there are no alternate covers from the Limited Editions as far as I can tell. Just the regular Melon Books Metalic Cover which I guess counts, but that's something you put on a normal copy.