Clockwork Planet Volume 3 part 6

  • Appears to be a missing image at 50% last line of the chapter is [IMAGE]...

  • Well that line is no longer present and still no image so I'm guessing it wasn't supposed to be there in the first place?

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    This might be a better place to discuss errors for that specific series. No one has posted anything in like 3 weeks though...

  • @legitpancake maybe that's why I couldn't find that thread.

  • @kingkillerx

    Yup! Some coding-weirdness snuck through but I think I squashed them all. Thank you for the heads up!

    Oh and right, there wasn't supposed to be an image there. For whatever reason, the original text likes to use image files for things like chapter titles and whatnot instead of a regular font. Sometimes one of those will give me a false positive for an actual insert-image. I always leave myself a note to double check and just forgot to remove that one. (Just in case you were curious what that was)

  • @awhale Definitely was curious, don't want to miss out on an image after all xD I love all of the artwork in the various things I read here. Easy enough to miss a line like that here and there I imagine and a lot better I think to accidentally leave in a tag that doesn't belong like that than to have a missing image.

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