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  • Hey just got a kindle paperwhite for Xmas. Will your service work with it? Since I cannot install your app I was thinking it would not, but thought I should check first.

  • @tehjudas Kindle app development is bad and dead so there won't be an app for those readers. You can try using web reader with a kindle's built-in web client but I don't think it will work well enough.
    All finished volumes are made available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers so you can just get those instead. There are also premium versions (same as Amazon etc but with a bit of extras and DRM-free) that's easy to convert and send to kindle but you need a membership to get those.

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    I also use a Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve bought some of JNC books straight through Amazon, but now that I’m a member I get premium ebooks. I just use a website to convert the file to kindle format and then email it to the kindle.

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    The best way to convert and manage a book library from multiple sources is using Calibre

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    +1 for Calibre, great free program & it'll email the exported mobi straight to your kindle email if you set it up to do so.

    But yeah that's only for the finished premium DRM free epubs, not the weekly releases.

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    @smashman42 Calibre + COPS. Use Calibre on my PC and have the COPS on my NAS. This way I can access my books over the Browser in the kindle and can download those books directly on it.

    I could also upload those premium ebooks to Amazon. This way I can access it from the Amazon Cloud. Although in my case I prefer the COPS route as I download too many DRM free books from project Guthenberg.

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    @saskir - Having a quick Google to see what this COPS thing is. From what I gather it sounds like a small server side version of Calibre (for on your NAS or whatever one uses for storage at home) with a web frontend that pairs with a cloud account (eg dropbox) to access your stuff anywhere. Is that basically it?

    Does it store the original DRM free epubs and convert them to mobi when you request a file?

    I assume it must if you're using it over PC Calibre, for a way of automating conversions as you need them rather than having to bulk convert everything & upload it all, is that right? My needs are small enough to just use Calibre & email to Kindle, unless I hit an upload storage limit that I'm unaware of soon I suppose.

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    COPS is more a better version of the calibre server. I usually convert my files in calibre. Those files are located on ym PC and gets automatically mirrored on my NAS. Then I can access them either over my home network or over my VPN anywhere. I simply prefer COPS instead of calibre server as I don't need to restart it to get the most recent version of the database. Also my kindle seems to prefer COPS as it loads a lot faster.

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    Just set up your Send to Kindle address and set up e-mail in Calibre... No need for a file server, or manually downloading books from the Kindle's terrible web browser, just drag the epubs into Calibre, select them all, right-click and select "Send to" and they'll automatically show up on your kindle.

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