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    I just joined as a premium member, and downloaded my first book. When I went to open the book, it automatically opened in MS Edge epub reader. The edge reader is not an option for being able to read because of size, font is so small that unless it's blown up so large that the page won't fit the screen it can't be read, so I need to know what other apps can use the file. Tried opening it in the kindle reader, but it couldn't find/recognize the file. I'd like to be able to read this, but don't seem to have an option to do so.

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    @pleco_breeder For my Android device, I use Moonreader Pro. On my Windows device, I use Calibre. Word of warning, both readers have an absolutely dizzying array of options.

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    @paul-nebeling said in epub reader question:

    @pleco_breeder For my Android device, I use Moonreader Pro. On my Windows device, I use Calibre. Word of warning, both readers have an absolutely dizzying array of options.

    I use the same programs. Calibre there isn't much set up if I remember correctly. Moon+ reader pro takes a bit to set up. I'm no expert or anything but once I got moon reader set up the way I like it you don't have to do much. Only problem I have with it is that some epubs I have to alter my settings to have the images displayed properly but if you're lazy you can switch it to publisher formatting and you won't have to do anything.

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    @pleco_breeder You can use calibre to convert the epub to mobi format for reading on Amazon devices/programs, or try any of the other epub readers people have suggested above!

    I'm curious about why Edge is displaying so small for you? It works pretty well for me and I have a 4K monitor...

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    @pleco_breeder like the others I would suggest using Calibre, which has a build in reader (many formats incl. .epub). For your problems with Edge I can't reproduce that I have Edge 40.15063.674.0 and when I open an epub I can change font size and text spacing via the A-Letter button on the top right corner.

    Maybe you only tested it on a PICTURE like the title, table of content or on of the illustrations these are not scaleable via Edge, there the text is somewhat small in some novels. Reading that on a small screen could be a pain. But because the epubs here are DRM-Free you can always "download" the picture from the epub and use your picture viewer to zoom in. EPUB is a container format. This means you can also open it via your archiving software like 7-zip and extract the content easily to view those pictures.

    Also like Sam said you can always convert DRM-Free .epub via calibre to fit most eReaders or smartphone apps.

    If you want to move an epub to your kindle you can simple drop the file on the calibre programm which adds it to your calibre library. In the list of ebooks via right-click you can convert an ebook to another format. Kindle supports .mobi and .azw3 you can select those at the top right corner and hit the ok button on the bottem right. If you have your kindle connected via USB you can simple right-click on an ebook (in the calibre ebook list) and send it to your main device.

  • I'd suggest Calibre as well on PC and on Android I use the native Play Books

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    @sam-pinansky I can't say for sure because I don't normally use Edge for anything, but it appears to be in some sort of "make it fit" mode which doesn't allow the pages to open vertically to their full size. I'm not on a 4k, but my monitor is 36 inches. When I tried to open it, I think the combination of the "make it fit" and screen size make it blur beyond use.

    I actually did make the assumption based upon the graphics pages at the start of the novel, so the scaling issue would make sense. Honestly, looked at that and decided I should try to find an answer to the problem.

    Will be getting calibre to use as a reader. Also did not realize that epub was a container file, so 7-zip will also come in handy for viewing those first few pages.

    Everyone, thanks for the advice in resolving this.

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