Question regarding the Status of: For My Daughter...

  • Will the novel continue to be translated, or is the series being dropped after 4 volumes?

    Not sure if I missed an announcement or what

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    There are currently 6 volumes of “For my Daughter...” in Japan, with the newest one that came out last August, according to BookWalker.
    Volume 5
    Volume 6

    Because volume 4 was just finished translating on Dec. 20th, we usually have about a 2 week gap between volumes. Therefore, we could see volume 5 part 1 as early as tonight in 22 hours, or Wednesday night, or if the translators need a break, then maybe next week.

  • Yeah likeLegitpacke said JNC usually take a 2 week break after a volume ends. Only time there are huge delays will probably be when the next volume hasn’t been published yet.

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