Me, a Genius? A theory of multiple personality disorder.

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    Let me first say that this is mostly just my thoughts on the matter after talking to some folks on the ‘what do you think’ for the series. This will be updated tomorrow with more points that could prove the fact, but for now these are the points that I have to support the idea.

    1. The protagonist (Kouki) was conscious while in the womb of his reincarnation’s mother. The brain of an infant while in the fetus begins developing around the 4th week of pregnancy. If Kouki was consious for the following 8 or so months, than he might have created a friend during that long period to keep himself from feeling lonely. This is sadly not likely because he says on the first page, ‘A pleasantly airy space is where I felt at ease...’ This leads to the assumption that he might instead of feeling lonely feel at peace.

    2. He was in an accident after a long period of stress. Light rain led to his motorcycle skidding causing it’s rider, the pre ’reincarnated’ Kouki, to collide with the guard rail on a mountain pass. A good trauma could lead to anything from a bad headache to brain death. This collision might have caused his life to flash before his eyes, accelerating his brain’s thinking speed after his reincarnation. He does wonder whether he is in fact ‘dead’ or in a vegetative state, but that gets solved rather quickly.

    3. This isn’t so much to prove the theory true, but he did retain a hardy amount of the information he thinks he had during his previous life. This includes a good amount of mathematics and a lot of Russian. Doesn’t remember much about English however... He does however also seem to remember his beloved ‘being inside a computer’ which could show that he has knowledge of Otaku culture (I don’t want to think about the amount of waifu’s in this culture...)

    4. What happens during the event called ‘reincarnation’? Well from what this story tells us, we lose our memories of our own person and any memories of the people close to us along with anything about our interests and etc. It’s possible in this series that reincarnation is pretty much a wipe of information from the brain save random aspects of their knowledge which would explain why some people seem naturally gifted. It’s possible that he kept his consciousness by a fluke or maybe as a result of him crashing.

    5. Kouki mentions that the space he was in would occasionally shake with him barely feeling it the first time and it becoming much more intense later on. This helps enforce point 1 as with him growing, he’d be getting closer to his mother’s skin. I’m sure everyone has stroked a mother’s belly during her pregnancy at least once in their life... Have you ever thought about what the baby feels when you stroke it?

    6. Kouki had two ideas about the shaking; First is that the space might be about to collapse and that he didn’t want to leave that comfortable place. Second is that this may be the end and that it feels like time flew by. The story makes a point that the first thought was accompanied by the second being a ‘contradictory feeling’. This was in reality his mother giving the push to release Kouki from her womb. This could also mean that Kouki was actually only conscious during the back end of the pregnancy, but that idea is foiled by something said by his mother.

    7. This point will go over a few things in Miki Arakawa’s perspective; First thing to note is that she received medical treatment and then she began to harbor a new life within her. This isn’t scientifically an issue, but a child conceived by the power of science plus the fact that reincarnation is still only hypothetical could mean that had Miki been able to naturally give birth than Kouki might have been a normal child.

    8. She was gripped with fear after holding her child. One look in his eyes was enough to scare her as they were not the eyes of a child. They were like black round holes clearly devoid of emotion. The eyes of someone who was observing.

    9. Following his birth, Kouki noted that time seemed to fly like nothing up until he became 15 years old. He also says that by that time he found a way to make that lost time feel trivial, gathering information. It is also at this time that we learn he has memories of history from his previous world. What if time wasn’t only moving slower because of him learning, but also because he had a guest with him. Someone who took the lead in most situations unless something caught Kouki’s attention. I have called this other being ‘Sunda’ and will get into other aspects that could help confirm his existence at later points.

    And that is all I have at time of the original post. What do you all think? Is it possible that I am just thinking way too much about this, or could I actually be onto something? I really appreciate critiques and opinions, so feel free to share your own thoughts on the subject.

    Oh, and just to clarify, I got ‘Sunda’ from google translating for the Japanese word for ‘Clear Headed’ whichfit as a name for a supressed subconsious... but more on that tomorrow.