Dropping a series

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    I know that people are always asking about whether the next volume is going to be translated or not and so far J novel club has never not continued a series as far as I can tell.
    So my question is would j novel club ever drop a series, and what would it take for you to do so?

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    I sure hope not. I know they said they're taking the long game on Rokuojouma, letting the releases pile up despite lower sale totals initially.

    If you're dying for an answer to your question, you can submit it to their Curiosity Cat. JNC been answering a lot there. I don't have a link on hand, but they post them on Twitter a lot.

    An additional related thing I'm wondering about is, once you release a volume digitally, will it be there forever, or will licenses get discontinued in the future?

    Like there's that single volume release JNC started with (whose name I can't recall, quite forgettable except for iirc the bunny outfits). I wonder how many sales that gets in a month or year. Is there any kind of cost accrued by just having it up, whether here or on Amazon / Other retailers?

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    Curious Cat Link - Doesn't require an account to ask a question. I tend to drop in questions whenever one pops into my head.

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    @terrence Our licenses are not indefinite. At some point they will come up for renewal. At that point the Japanese publisher could demand more money up front, or could just renew the same revenue share deal.
    If they demand more money and the book isn't selling well enough anymore, we might stop selling the ebook, yeah.
    But unless they start selling it again themselves or try and get some other company to put up an ebook, it would just lose them money, so...

    Don't assume our ebooks will be on sale forever. Usual contract lengths are 3 or 5 years long. If our rights are going to expire we'll announce it so people have a last chance to purchase them.

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    @sam-pinansky thats nice to know. How is it with content we allready purchased (premium ebook)? Can we expect to always be able to redownload that as long as the jnc service runs or are those downloads also linked to that licensing scheme?

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    @qeeh If you read J-Novel’s FAQ section on premium epubs, it says:
    “However, if J-Novel Club loses the rights to the title or our licensing contract expires, we will be no longer able to provide the download service.
    Your copies of your e-books will always be yours to do as you wish for personal use, however.”

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    @legitpancake Good thing I have all my E-Books saved in two places in case anything happens to them. Just imagine if the Licenses died and something happened to the copies you have.

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    @legitpancake thanks for the hint. seems like I forget it after I read it a year ago.

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