Release in 5 minutes to Release in 24 hours.

  • For the past 2 weeks, if not longer, For my Daughter... has been saying it would release the next part at 10pm on Wed (my time) only for when the release time arrives the release is suddenly postponed. It just went from 5 minutes to 1 day release delay.

    What is causing this?

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    I'm also wondering about this... been looking forward to this all week for the release time to change literally at the last second

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    Most likely the translator/editor were not able to meet the deadline. I know it's frustrating, but they have problems/sicknesses IRL too, so I usually don't mind waiting.

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    Smartphone had this happen at one stage too when the translator got sick. They really are working stupidly hard/fast & really transparently compared to other translation outfits, so we get a bit spoilt in a way.

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    Yes, this was a requested extension for this week for an extra day which I granted to them.

    I actually have a policy where translator/editor can get extensions 2 times per volume if they notify us ahead of time without penalty, not including medical emergency.

    If it turns into a chronic issue then I start to tighten the screws. I understand that it's best if everything is always perfectly on schedule for people, but I also understand that everyone has their own circumstances, so I give them a few mulligans here and there. If either of the team wants to come and explain what's going on I'll leave that up to them, but the overall schedule for the book is still looking fine.

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    @sam-pinansky ahah, thank you for the explanation- makes it easier to wait when you know there is a reason for it

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