Arifureta #5 shown as avaliable now, but not in library for download

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    I pre-purchased Arifureta #5 and though the release page shows the ebook as published today, my library is still not letting me download, just a grey button saying release on today's date. Maybe something wrong on the server or schedule?

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    I was having the same problem, but it's showing up in my library now. Instead there's an error when I click download:

    {"error":{"name":"Error","status":500,"message":"ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/deploy/ebooks/arifureta-from-commonplace-to-world-s-strongest-volume-5.epub'","errno":-2,"code":"ENOENT","syscall":"open","path":"/home/deploy/ebooks/arifureta-from-commonplace-to-world-s-strongest-volume-5.epub"}}

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    All premium ebooks are delayed for a maximum of 24 hrs since it is uploaded manually by Sam.

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    I... overslept. It'll be ready in another 2 hours. There are so many short stories this time, almost 30 pages.

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    Seems that there should be somewhere on the website a hint that premium versions go up 24 hours later. This is now the third time I read something about this.

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