Books skipping to end 3 pages before end

  • This has actually happened two times or more with me actually knowing it happened twice.
    I was reading Occult part 11 three pages before the end where you can buy the book and suddenly it skipped to the end from the MMG chapter.
    I was reading single pages in dark background mode on my PC, and I clicked on the arrows on the page to flip pages.
    If this constantly happens readers might miss some content at the end of each book without knowing, and I think I probably have missed some endings of a few chapters due to this issue.

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    @Bryan This is a bug I've noticed as well for a while, it's kind of hard to get it to reproduce consistently for me. Something to do with browser's not reporting the width of columnated text fast enough...
    Thankfully just going back 1 page fixes the calculations but I'll try and track it down to exactly what's going wrong.

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    Okay, pretty sure I fixed this one!

    It's main cause was chrome (I think it might only be chrome?) returning incorrect values of scrollWidth for the element... I added in a 1 second timer before calculating the total pages and now it's accurate. But it'll take 1 second before the total pages shows up.

  • @Sam-Pinansky It's still happening. Now it takes a 2~5 seconds for the last page before the credits to show up. So the credits still show up before the last page of the book.

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    @Bryan can you describe exactly what's happening now that's incorrect?
    You description isn't exactly clear. Can you reproduce it without skipping quickly all the way to the end?

  • @Sam-Pinansky I was reading normally the chapter 7 of big sister is from another world, and when I was about to get to the last page, the page change took 1-3 seconds to change pages, only to end on the credits. I felt the sentence wasn't complete so I went back one page and it did indeed skip a page.

  • It randomly happens to me too, dozen of times already, lol. I use Firefox tho.

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