Thinking of going premium (should i try membership first?) also in prepub

  • Ive read FAQ and it says pre pub is available to members+ then it would be gone. does that mean after prepub is over non members can read it? does being a member just allows you to read the earlier? or will they not be available to casual people (except the preview chapters)

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    I got a premium subscription myself only a few days ago so I'm not really sure about prepub. But I can tell you that using the "Premium Ebook Credits" you can purchase the ebook directly here on the site without any kind of DRM and download them any time and how many times you want.

    But keep in mind that the downloads are available only as long JNC has a license for a series/book, so far it hasn't happened yet that they lost a license but it's always good to know and be prepared. Sam replied about it in this other topic recently:


    Back to your question about parts and previews, you can indeed read all the new parts posted of any novel on the site as long as your subscription lasts. Usually once the ebook for a specific novel/volume is published the individual parts for it are removed the 15th of the next month for (premium) members and you can't read them anymore unless you purchase the ebook.

    Sometimes thought the parts of all volumes become available again if there is a catch-up. The current novels available for catch-up are "Arifureta" and "Infinite Dendrogram". You can see them listed on the homepage, and they change every month. Basically if you subscribe now you can read all the volumes + new parts not released as ebook yet of both novels; except the premium content like bonus short stories, those are available only in the premium ebooks.

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    @rusttlemejimmmy by having a subscription you have access to read the prepubs

    Once the book has been fully uploaded to subscribers and the ebook has been released for sale then on the 15th of the following month all the prepub parts are taken down and locked behind the vault. Except a small preview of the begining of the book.

    So at that point subscribers no long have access and the only way to read would be to buy the ebook.

    Every now and then they have catch up titles this month they have Arifureta and Infinite Dendrogram meaning all the pets for all the volumes are put back on the site for subscribers only.

    If you are just a free user not a subscriber you have access to preview parts which are part 1 and sometimes part 2 of a series and you also have access to the first 22 volumes of Rokujouma (although for now only the first 11 volumes are on the site they upload 1 volume a month for Rokujouma until they catch up)

  • @rahul-balaggan how can i tell if a volume isnt accessible anymore (other than buying)/when it will go into vault since i dont want to go premium just to learn the volume/series i want to read is for purchase only

    IC that the series says buy E book or prepub but it doesnt say when it will be taken down/will be on sale

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    @rusttlemejimmmy If the volume says "BUY THE E-BOOK" under it then all parts for that volume (except for part 1) are hidden/in the vault and cannot be read anymore. That means you have to purchase the ebook to read the full volume. If it says "READ PREPUB NOW" it means the ebook is being still translated and you can read the current parts of it for free until your subscription runs out, also the PREPUB/parts will expire the 15th of the next month after the ebook is published (as mentioned above).

    As said before the exception is for example Arifureta: since this is a catch-up title all volumes parts are available to subscribers even thought the volumes say "BUY THE E-BOOK" under them.

    If you have questions about a specific series maybe we can give you a more detailed example about it?

  • @terabyte I saw that. I meant was when the Ebooks will be available. like series A volume 5 will be avaliable as Ebook and will be taken down on the 15th of the month type. also another thing im scared of is volumes being unavaliable mid way. like lets say ill be reading a 8+ volume series then when im on vol 4, vol 7 becomes unavailable.

    also I am thinking of buying the books. but on the FAQ I wont be able to do that if they lose the rights to that series. does that mean I should have it downloaded? what should i do if i lose the file of that volume? is it gone permanently?

  • @rusttlemejimmmy well most of the time if the LN has been published it means you can’t read the volume that was published other than part 1, or if it’s the title(s) for catch up month. There is usually a post to remind people what title(s) volume are about to expire, there it’s usually mentioned about a month ahead of time.

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    @rusttlemejimmmy said in Thinking of going premium (should i try membership first?) also in prepub:

    @terabyte I saw that. I meant was when the Ebooks will be available. like series A volume 5 will be avaliable as Ebook and will be taken down on the 15th of the month type. also another thing im scared of is volumes being unavaliable mid way. like lets say ill be reading a 8+ volume series then when im on vol 4, vol 7 becomes unavailable.

    also I am thinking of buying the books. but on the FAQ I wont be able to do that if they lose the rights to that series. does that mean I should have it downloaded? what should i do if i lose the file of that volume? is it gone permanently?

    Regarding when an ebook will become available always look for the official release date which is the amazon release date

    J-Novel Club Amazon Listings

    There is also a thread on the forums tagt gives exact dates for when volumes will be taken down from prepub, however you have to be a member to see that page.

    As for regarding an 8 Volume series, under normal circumstances when the 8 is being translated that would mean only V7 would be available V1-6 would b behind the vault. Again though if it’s a catch up you would have access to all 8 volumes. Like right now grimgar V8 is being translated and V7 is still available to read for a few more days. But volumes 1-6 are behind the vault.

    Once you buy a premium edition you get a DRM free download of tagt book so you can download it to whatever reading apps and backup systems you want.

    I download and put in iBooks google play books and I do a backup to OneDrive.

    Also Just my opinion but I don’t see JNC losing any rights anytime soon. Many of the series they have are still ongoing, and as long as the books sell a fair amount every year they will re up the contract whenever that time comes around.

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    @rusttlemejimmmy depending on your priorities depends on which membership you will take in the end. if you want to buy and keep the E-books for your self then the Premium Membership is the way to go. First of all the Credits, you use to buy the books are 1 dollar cheaper if you are Premium instead of normal. If you plan to buy an average of 5+ credits(books) per month than it is cheaper to go Premium and you get a free credit each month so you are really getting 6+ books each month. To answer your question about the rights to a series. Sam has said that JNC will give warnings before they lose the right to a series so you can buy and download and back up before they lose it. As long as they have the rights you can download the book you bought all you want. And one final thing I would recommend getting the E-books from JNCs site since you get s special Membership bonus that you don't get at Kindle or the physical releases.

  • @drone205 I'm def thinking of going primium. its just i dont want to regret (im the type that goes full package instead of middle ground. so i dont buy monthly bur rather yearly. or premium instead of memember)

  • @rahul-balaggan i keep reading catch up month.

    is that when they fall behind on a series and is trying to cath up or is that for us readers to catch up on a series we didnt finish reading? also how often are they usually for a series?

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    @rusttlemejimmmy it’s the second.

    They allow readers who missed a series or new readers to catch up reading on a series.

    They take all the parts for all volumes back out of the vault for the subscribers to read.

    It’s not so much how often as they just rotate through series each month

    As it has been stated this month is Arifureta and Dendrogram before tha was Daimaou and Clockwork, before that was Smartphone and For my Daughter

    So next month who knows what it will be maybe Grimgar andMy big sister lives in a fantasy world

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    @rusttlemejimmmy let me tell you about premium edition books

    Exclusively available through JnC only available for JNC members

    1 you become a JNC member
    2 you buy premium credits
    3 you use those credits to get books
    4 those books are stored in your library
    5 they are DRM free and you can download how many ever times you want (as long as the contract is in effect)
    6 they contain the most high resolution text and pictures out of all other ebook platforms
    7 all of the premium editions come with premium content, such as author interviews, super detailed translator notes, high res bonus pictures whether they be pinups or wall scrolls or wrap around dust cover images, and the creme of the crop bonus short stories please refer to this topic for details on what books get what please note it is super out of date but if you read the whole thing you will know what books get what. Or if yo want to know what has what ask me I own every single premium edition released.

    Fun fact JNC has released 99 ebooks so far.

    Also super Important Regular members have to purchase premium credits at a rate of seven dollars credit. However premium members receive one free credit when they sign up, and they receive an additional free credit on the 15th of every month, and they can purchase additional credits at a rate of six dollars per credit. Meaning if you are a premium member you will pay less than any other e-book platform to purchase J-Novel club books, and they will be DRM free and just super high rez and all the other premium related stuff I already said premium premium premium premium premium premium premium premium premium premium.

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    @rusttlemejimmmy I am pretty much the same way. I went Yearly Premium when JNC first started, back when they had only 4 series. Back then it was much more of a risk then it is to do that now though (I really believed in JNC at the time just like Hdive for Anime right now). It has been like 17 months since JNC first started and they now have 29 (with 2 to be announced soon) so as far as the risk I don't think you need to worry. JNC licences nearly 1.8 books per month at this rate. JNC releases about 6 books from one series in a year (depends on the size of the book), twice as fast as Yen On. I think this would be a low risk, high reward kind of deal for you. If in the end, you don't like it you still come out with at least 13 books out of it.

  • @drone205 ive decided to buy premium. its just one of my biggest worries is the fact i have to buy the books incase they stop being prepub. since buying a book means i starve for a day (im a uni student in a dorm that is supporting myself with part times and a single day meal (lunch and dinner is like $15)

    also i keep reading this catch up date. what is that? is it for us to catch up in case we cant buy the books and we couldnt continue or is it for them to catch up to a series they have fallen behind? and how often are the catch up dates (in general since I assume they are different series to series)

    also do i need to buy the books to download them or ar perpub downloadable as well?

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    @rusttlemejimmmy You download the books, not the pre-pubs. JNC has Catch up months, each month will have different series that you can read the whole series as a pre-pub. the pre-pubs of each volume in a series is divided into 8 parts sometimes 12 if it is a large book. Each series they have is updated on a weekly basis with one part translated each week. After the book is published then the pre-pubs for that book gets locked and later when there is a catch-up month for that specific series then it unlocks for all members. I think Rokujouma is constantly in the Catch-up mode. As long as you are caught up with your favourite series you don't really need to worry about the Catch-up Month or if you are like me and just get the books and don't even read the pre-pubs.

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    Catch up month are like a monthly event for JNC where they let the MEMBERS CATCH UP with the specific series for that month.

    An example would be this month's catch up is Arifureta and Dendrogram. This means that for this month all prepubs for these particular series are available for reading.

    Normally prepubs are taken down when the eBooks are available on the 15th of the next month. As an example [+New Life] Vol. 1 was just released on Feb. 26 this means that the Vol. 1 prepubs will be closed on March 15.

    As a side note the translation for the next volume of any series starts 1 or 2 weeks after finishing the last volume and eBooks are published around a month after they were translated.

  • @drone205

    1. did i mention i like rokujouma or is that just coincidence?

    2. only purchased books can be downloaded and epub stays on line (but it shouldnt matter since catch up month is a thing. and there is no risk of them loosing rights to it)

    3. im off to buy premium one i get out of class

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    @bartzbb You’re actually wrong in regards to when prepubs expire. If the ebook comes out before the 15th of a month, then its prepubs will expire the next month. If an ebook comes out after the 15th day of the month, its prepubs will expire the month after the next. Therefore New Life+ will expire April 15.

  • @legitpancake so it expires next month of 15th if before 15th and 2month after if its past 15th?

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