best novel with the best mc?

  • badly need some good new novels

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    This is really subjective. I'm not going to say these novels are God's gift to man, but these are my favorite first volume MCs.

    Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers - Adlet gets on a lot of people's nerves with his catchphrase, but I think he's a fairly strong (lol) and intelligent character.

    My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World - I thought the MC

    For me, broken characters can be strong too though, like Welcome to the NHK's lead, Satou.

    I'll look through the rest of my LNs here and elsewhere for some examples I like later. Jury still out on New Life Plus' MC, but he is interesting so far.

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    I could take this literally (minus the "Best") and say stuff like Song of Ice and Fire, Fatespinner, the Legend of Drizzt, Sherlock Holmes, Enders Game but I will assume you mean LN

    some examples for me would be:




    Shield Hero

    Haruhi Suzumiya

    Log Horizon

    Spice and Wolf

    Monogatari series


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    If we go by LNs on this site, IMHO Will from The Faraway Paladin and Haruhiro from Grimgar are well written and in a great series.

    Outside of j-novel, but still keeping it to LNs, I second the Monogatari series.

    Outside the realm of LNs, there are thousands of candidates, and you'd need to narrow the genre.

  • On this site, I'd have to say the best written MC is Haruhiro from Grimgar. I also liked NeeChuu's MC, it was a riot to read him suffering through his sister antics. There's also Dendrogram, Ray is a really compelling character.

    On Non-JNC LNs, I'd say Kazuma from KonoSuba. Godou in Campione also had a really great development throughout the series, it never received an official release though, thankfully it's fully fan-translated. Also Taimadou Gakuen's MC, though it received the same treatment translation-wise.

    On normal western novels, the list would be too long so spare me from that lol.

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