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    Hello Sam, one of the questions I've always had is how does the token purchase system work?

    • Will there be a discount for premium members for purchasing tokens?

    • Is there a limit of token purchasing?

    • Can you buy as many tokens as you want or are their bundles for them? (1, 5, 10 tokens etc.)

    I am just asking this in advance as soon my free tokens won't be able to get every volume coming out and I'd love to continue supporting J-novel with buying some tokens, as well!

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    @Fezu Buying credits is a feature that I will make definitely sure is available by Dec 3rd when our first ebooks are released.

    Credits will be $7 for account holders (retail price), $6 for premium members (the same price as the difference between premium and monthly), and for normal members... somewhere in between I haven't decided yet, probably closer to $7 than $6 (if you want a discount, go premium!)

    I haven't thought about bulk discounts but perhaps? I was pretty much thinking of fixing the price to $6 a credit, the same as the extra cost of Premium over normal membership per month.
    I won't limit the number you can purchase or anything like that.

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    All questions I was curious about too!

    One other thing, currently I don't see a space for the number of tokens I currently hold. Am I missing something or will that appear once the books go up?

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    @the-green-death To access that you have to be on the main site not the forum page. Then go to the account section.

    You will be redirected to your account, then you will see a panel labeled My Menu, and the 3rd choice is Membership Status. Then a new page will populate with an box that pat says membership status. That will list the credits you current have, and the next credit date.

    Also for what it's worth if there is even a small, and I mean just a tiny discount on premium credits purchased in bulk that would be very nice.

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    Right now unless you are at least a subscriber you can't see any info about credits or library books. But I will update that along with the credit purchasing option.

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