@kevin-s I actually will argue back on this one, since I feel there is a very severe semantic mismatch going on. More specifically, I do not believe the type of "gesture of honor" you are associating with "salute" is actually what Lihaku is doing. The motion he's done is a societal courtesy in this sort of setting. It does not carry the sort of more serious connotation of a salute of "respect" as per the definition you're quoting. Is it a respectful gesture in and of itself? Of course, but that is again a consequence of how respect is structured in an East Asian culture as what this series is set in. But there are far higher forms of respect that also exist, where the weight behind using the word salute would be more fitting, ie the court officials saluting the emperor at some formal procession. If you use it here, it ends up creating a false equivalence between the degree of respect/formality.