@bloodygaikotsu said in Cross Infinite World Polls: Seen the age poll and I just passed on it, Terrence revived it on my Twitter TL and I went ahead and ignored it again, and now, it's here, so I guess I gotta throw my two cents in. (Third time is the charm, they say.) Well, the reason why I didn't interact with the poll initially is I don't have a preference. It's more about the story-MC dynamics. I don't care if he's 8 year old who is narrating the most disturbing stuff in the most innocent way completely unawares he's painting horrors in the most colorful way. (some kinda of unreliable narrator.) or veteran who lived hundred of years retelling old stories of his youth. So it's more like what kind of MC this 'idea' or 'story' needs. There are stories that can't be told but by teens and early adults where they find themselves in the initial life crossroad (like Kokoro Connect, Monogatari, Seishun Buta, Remake our life-in a way-) or adults, especially middle-age men who may be struggling to accept the self they build and the choices they made up till now. (Mikkakan no Koufuku) So it's always case-by-case thing for me without any bias or preference. Makes sense. Part of why I prefer stories with older characters is that they are the exception in a market aimed at teens. I never have to hunt for a teen character, they've filled the shelves and are piled to the ceiling . After 99 series with the High School Student Council fighting the Big Bad, a story like Black Heaven or Zone of the Enders is a breath of fresh air. After 99 series that end at or before high school graduation, Clannad continuing on with work and early family life is also a nice exception.