@pcj @Iseguy @Quixzlizx Thanks for your text corrections! We've now fixed all these in the final version. A few specific notes:

@quixzlizx said in Girls Kingdom - Corrections Topic:

0% "She told me it was even possible they'd declare martial law" >> Not a typo, but based on context, "implement a curfew" might make more sense in a school setting. Especially since that's what ends up happening later on.

The Japanese is pretty clear in its phrasing here, but it's meant as a metaphor, so we've rephrased slightly to make that come across.

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Volume 3 - Part 10:

[General] The API has this tagged as "Final". Was this the last part of the volume? Seemed like a weird place to end a volume if so.

Yep, that's the end of volume 3. I thought it was an odd place to end the book as well, but there is one more volume it turns out, so we can look forward to seeing where the story goes!

[84%] It’s fantastic that you’ve got to know people. >> should be gotten

Technically this was intentional (British character, British grammar construction), but since it stood out, the editor and I agreed that we'd change it after all.