@paulnamida said in Which do you prefer for your romance in stories?:

@terrence In Search of the Lost Future is soooooo underrated. I know that the CGI can be off-putting for some people, but the story was awesome. Too bad the ending was so rushed and we didn't get the full story. I'm pretty sure the VN is worth reading.

I really want to read the VN. Dunno if it's one that's been fanslated or no, I should look into that.

Rumbling Hearts VN is also one I need to see. Only ever found a few subtitled videos of it on YouTube, and I guess a fan project to translate the latest version of the game is in limbo. Apparently, the people that made the Japanese VN are the same people behind MuvLuv, "âge". So fans were hopeful that if Muv-Luv did well we'd get Rumbling Hearts... but Muv-Luv is no longer an active project from American localizer Degica (they gave the full reigns to another company to complete the Kickstarter rewards and republish the games on Steam). So I don't know how hopeful that is now. =[

At least we got Shuffle.