Title: 察知されない最強職(ルール・ブレイカー)| Satchi sa renai saikyō-shoku (rūru bureikā) | Sacchi sarenai Saikyoushoku: Rule Breaker
Web Novel 2017/05/17-2021/05/02 Nine Volumes; complete.
Light Novel | Hero Bunko | April 2018+ | 10 volumes to date [four since the topic started ~2 years ago.] | Author's note at Narou says it's a completely new story starting with Volume 2 of the LN.

Author: 三上康明 Mikami, Yasuaki | Twitter | Narou
Illustrator: 八城惺架 Yashiro, Seika | Twitter | Pixiv


Image from publisher website

I don't know how the LN differs from the WN, other than the author leaving a note at the WN host site saying that it goes a new direction starting with volume 2.
I'll take that as a plus, myself.
I enjoyed volume 1.

One can say that it's tropetastic, but everything is tropetastic.
The author's use of the tropes is the thing of interest, and the WN showed signs of being more than superficial, from what I remember of it.

It also has a manga adaptation published by Kadokawa. It doesn't appear to have been licensed?