Kuuchuu Buranko

  • I wonder if one of you watched Kenji Nakamura's Kuuchuu Buranko anime...

    It's great anime with colorful and unique direction and it's based on the series of short stories I am gonna talk about right now.
    alt text

    The setting revolves around this quirky psychiatrist called Ichiro Irabu.
    He is fat and pale skinned, with a fetish for administering injections to patients. An unreasonable and rather immature person.
    During his student days, he frequently misunderstood his lectures. Treated as a general nuisance at the School of Medicine, he entered pediatrics soon after graduation. However, due to claims of his tantrums and quarrels with child patients, he switched to psychiatry instead. Doubts remain about his actual grades.

    He sure seems like fun person, right?

    So, Kuuchuu Buranko is one of three books that makes Psychiatrist Irabu series, which is nothing but series of short stories.

    Kuuchuu Buranko, in particular, is quite well-received and even got 131st Naoki Prize (which is the Japanese equivalent to Pulitzer Prize)

    The books in publication order:

    In the Pool (Was released by Stone Bridge Press but it's out of the print now)

    alt text

    Kuuchuu Buranko (The anime based on it)(won 131st Naoki Prize)

    alt text

    Chouchou Senkyo

    alt text

    Publisher: Bungeishunjuu (Publisher of From Truant to Anime Screenwriter: My Path to “Anohana” and “The Anthem of the Heart”)
    Author: Hideo Okuda (Author of Lala Pipo)

  • Translators

    I actually translated the anime myself for the Australian dvd release.

    Brilliant show.

    Did you know that volume 1 actually has an English edition? But it was designed for English study and is very out of print.

  • @sam-pinansky
    Actually, I did mention this in the post ("In the Pool" and it was released by Stone Bridge Press and translated by Giles Murray)

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    I really loved Lala Pipo and would be super down for this. Didn’t know about the anime and now want to see it. If anyone here hasn’t read Lala Pipo, I strongly recommend that too. Not a LN but a great collection of interconnected short stories dealing with different people’s sexuality. So damned good, Dark and funny, absurd and real.

    Just ordered In the Pool off Amazon. Thanks for turning me onto this!

  • @the-green-death
    Actually, I haven't read Lala Pipo yet, and probably won't be able to any time soon (even tho, I really want to) but customs of the country I'm living rn would probably confiscate a book with such a cover. sigh

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    @bloodygaikotsu Man, that’s a pity... If only the US had the Japanese cover

  • In sprite of reviving old unwanted suggestions, I thought I can add this video link here: (to one great scene in the anime)

  • I'm a huge fan of this director's anime works in general. This anime series is easily one of my favorites, but I had no idea it was based off a novel.

  • @chrollo
    More like short stories series and there are various live-action adaptations as well (only watched one of them so far and hunting for the rest.).

    It's really sad seeing how underrated the franchise in the west this.