Cooking with Wild Game [Licensed by J-Novel Club]

  • Woah glad we have this section now. Then I want to request for

    Cooking with Wild Game

    Publisher: HJ Novels (Hobby Japan)

    Main protagonist is Tsurumi Asuta. 17 yrs old, 2nd year high schooler.

    He was working as an apprentice cook at [Tsurumi-ya], managed by his father.

    One day a fire broke out in [Tsurumi-ya], for the sake of his father’s cherished knife [Santoku Houchou – the japanese kind] he ran back inside to retrieve it and thus met his end. Before he knew it he awoke to an unknown environment. He was then attacked by a beast resembling a boar but a girl named ‘Ai Fa’ from the [People of Morihen] saved him. It was then that he realized he was really in different world…

    Source: Novelupdates

    Cooking with Wild Game

    Because it came from Hobby Japan and currently J-Novel not have something food related then I would love to see this LN pick up by J-Novel.

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    I am curious about him running through a blazing building to grab his father's knife. Is this played for comedy (like that dude who tried to catch a Vending Machine) or super serious (like, is his father dead, and the knife is his lasting memory?)?

    Kind of interested in this one among the foodie novels.

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    Yep, I'd like to read a food LN too.

    @Terrence As for the knife, I think his father is dead and it's a memento. I checked out the manga quite a while ago though, so I'm not completely sure.

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    I have a great hunger to read a food related LN plus the covers and inserts all have a very warm down to earth vibe style to them.

    So a food related light novel with a calm setting and story is something JNC needs right now

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    I would like to see some food or cooking LN.

  • Have read the fan translations and why I recommend this is because is not episodic story like Isekai Shokudou (The Other World Dining Hall), or like many non food story but have almost 60% talk about food this LN focus mainly about food.

    Also what make this LN unique is because the story not try to push Japanese cuisine, but try to use modern cuisine seasoning or cooking method to make delicious food with the current ingredients that exist on there.

    So, really want to see this license by J-Novel since is have 13 volume currently.

  • I personally don't see the appeal of a light novel based on cooking, but that's probably just because I haven't tried one out yet. What part about novels like this makes you want to read more? Would you have to have a decent knowledge about cooking to enjoy a story like this?

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    @falcade you don't need knowledge about cooking to enjoy Food Wars, and this could just be a Slice of Life series that focuses on cooking, the cooking aspect may not be that important for your enjoyment there is how well it is written and the story too.

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    @falcade I enjoy cooking, but I am very lazy with it.

    However when I watch and anime or read a manga/light novel with a cooking scene it just motivates me to cook more.

    Food wars especially you get lots of action and drama and it literally all revolves around food, watching or even reading description of the food makes me wanna cook something amazing.

    Another example is Death March LN, the whole novel is about the journey back to his old world, but every book focuses heavily on food cause it’s a slice of life and food is a daily necessity. The amount of effort he puts into the food for the group is inspiring and and makes me start to crave eating.

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    The draw of this one, iirc, is that the dude wants to cook something tasty to please the pallet of the cover gal who sees food as only a necessity, nothing to be fancy about. So there's probably some interpersonal stuff and character growth between the cooking of the food.

  • Well lets hope for now. I’m really interested.

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    a food related LN , seems interesting

  • What do you guys think, is there a chance that j-novel club will license the fantranslation from skythewood? or is it a no-go because he translates it from the chinese translation?

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    It's very unlikely that they will hire Sky for this since if they do hire Sky and they get caught up to the latest volume the translation for the series will still not continue even if JNC already received the Japanese manuscript since Sky can't translate from Japanese and he needs it to be translated to Chinese first which will take more time and JNC can't hire someone to translate it to Chinese since that's a waste of money.

    Lastly, another reason why it is unlikely is because recently Sky is making money out of his translation by giving the readers an option of paying to view the unedited translations at his Patreon. Even if he uploads the translations on his site so everybody can read it for free he is still making money out of it. If it's just simple donations from the readers there won't be any problem but giving the incentive of being the first to read is just tempting the readers to just pay him outright rather waiting for it to be uploaded on his site.

    PS: I have nothing against skythewood and am very grateful for his contribution in the community but I rather wait for his translation to be uploaded than pay. Even now I read his translations on his site and I am a fan of his works.

    PPS: IIRC Sky started the Patreon when he started translating Cooking with Wild Game.

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    First two Japanese language volumes are currently on sale on Bookwalker JP (480 Yen).

    The Japanese manga version is new, right?

  • I'd reccomend I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags…

    Bakarina is such a great female lead, to the point I'm actually liking a reverse harem even though I usually abhor that setting.

  • @swhp man aren't you satisfied with the current Translator's speed and the quality,you would make everyone wait till j-novel club completes volume 8 mist probably taking 1 volume as 2.5 months to complete so 2.5x8=20 months and the we can read the next volume,😡 if J-novel club license it,think about the wait the readers have to go for reading it and the current Translator will be going on hiatus cuz of you if you can check his website

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    @manisha-dhiman Not everyone reads the fan TLs, I myself sure don’t, and I want nothing more then to read a good food related LN.

    So you will have to excuse me cause i want JNC to license this series so I can read it.

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    @manisha-dhiman Perhaps he wants it licensed so that he can legally and financially support the author and also own official copies of the book.

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    @manisha-dhiman I am fan of this series on current site but on the other hand - if J-novel license this, maybe translator will come back to translation of Altina, what is my next favorite serie. (Yeah, I know, this is quite heretical idea :) )