Zoa Hunter - A Futuristic SciFi Adventure

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    One light novel I've made it through completely with some machine translation, this is the science adventure series Zoa Hunter.

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    Why Should JNC pick this up?

    It's a science fiction type setup that takes place in the real world in a not so distant future. We don't have too much of this (Clockwork Planet is a more advanced future). It stars adult character as well, which combined with it not being Isekai is a nice niche to fill as well. It has a really strong finale that sets up for the rest of the series to do some stuff that may make you think.

    What Are Zoa?

    Zoa are creatures that were part of a research experiment gone wrong. Scientists meant to genetically alter DNA strands to allow humans to live in extreme climates, hoping this would help curb overpopulation. Unfortunately, the chimpanzees they tested it on morphed into grotesque chimera because the supposed "trash DNA" was also affected by the new strand. They broke out of their cages, and now they're effectively zombies attacking human civilians for their daily dose of calories. The government is trying to keep their existence under wraps.

    Who is our hero?

    Kurokawa Takeshi, our hero, is a former monocyclist (one wheeled motorcycle used for racing). Through some interesting circumstances (not too dissimilar to Mardock Scramble's start) he is given the option by a biomedical team and arm of the government to exterminate the Zoa

    Is There a Supporting Cast?

    As you can see on the cover, he has an Android sidekick assigned to him. He also has a nursemaid. The two major scientists involved are also major named characters. It pretty much sticks to those 5 or so characters, with the occasional government official entering and leaving the plot.

    Is there Explicit Content?

    Nothing that goes on for much longer than a paragraph or two, but sex is involved, especially early in the plot, and the descriptions I don't think are too explicit; it's not a super frequent thing, and there's no fanservice like revealing scenes and no hijinks. These characters are serious. I only read volume 1 though.

    How Are the Battles?

    They're decent, though I'm not a huge battle junkie. You meet some different Zoa over the course of the book. The slam-bang action finale really is the draw though. It has some psychological aspects to it too, enough that I'm very interested in what happens going forward.

    Who is the publisher?

    It's GA Bunko, SB Creative.

    How many volumes are there?

    There are 7. It is a completed series.

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    @terrence I like adult characters and I like Sci-Fi, so I'd vote for this too but feel it being complete might make it less likely to happen. It's too bad though as it seems to fill a niche that isn't really being served.

    I'm finding with all this recommend threads that there's a whole lot of LNs that I'd love to read. I'm going to try to be selective in what I upvote, but it's tough!

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    Sci-fi, adult characters, not isekai - sounds good to me

    Problem is every other recommendation thread sounds good too, gah!

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    Spotlight time! A friendly bump to an older post that hasn't had any recent conversation and is lower on votes in order to draw attention to it.

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    This is still my most wanted title. Volume 1 was so good.

    It's a fully completed series at I believe 7 volumes. Story seems like it'll do some stuff with the theme of "what does it mean to be human" due to the main character