Maou na Anoko to Murabito A

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    Maou na Anoko to Murabito A
    Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A
    Demon Lord Girl and Villager A
    A Villager and a Devil Girl

    Publisher: Dengeki Bunko (ASCII Media Works)

    Status: Completed at 11 Volumes

    • Author: Rin Yuuki
    • Illustrator: Akahito


    A lonely "demon lord" and a self-centered "hero"!?
    What about "villager A", caught in the middle!?

    This is a school that prepares people for roles in fantasy stories. However, those who possess the "traits" of a "warrior" or "wizard" are but a few. Most will become no more than mere "villagers". I, Satou, am also one of those "villagers"; but one day, a girl possessing the trait of "demon lord", Ryuugamine Ouko, set her eyes on me. She's short and a surprisingly calm, good girl, but she'll abruptly mutter about destroying mankind; give me a break. Taking up the opposition with passion is my childhood friend, Hikarigaoka Tsubasa; she's more trouble. This girl is also quite the beauty, but as soon as she makes up her mind, she's an absolute troublemaker...

    This is a world that's slightly abnormal, with a slightly abnormal cast, interwoven in their dilemmas; a slapstick comedy!


    This is a silly slapstick romcom series set Pre-Isekai in a way. Characters in this school typically have roles they'll play when they're eventually transported to another world. And this causes chaos in the modern world as they aren't very good at working with others. The main heroine in the series is the Demon Lord girl that has little common sense and will attempt to kill all humanity through ridiculously slow plots. The second heroine is a Hero that constantly mimics player aspects of completely inconveniencing everyone else with her actions.

    It's a really cute series mostly featuring the protagonist and his assistance towards the somewhat shy Demon Lord girl and the Hero that is jealous of the Demon Lord getting his attention. It's a completed series and I'd love to be able to read the LN. Only about half of the manga adaptation was ever scanlated sadly, but it's such a funny cute series which I think everyone loves more of.

    Volume 1 Cover

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    This seems interesting, You got my up-vote.

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    I loved the one plot where she wanted to increase the number of cows in the world to speed up methane generation and very slowly destroy the ozone layer xD

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    Since Kadokawa is a viable target now and Sam mentioned not having licensed anything from Dengeki Bunko yet on Curious Cat, I figured I'd give this a bump.

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    The manga adaptation has been getting fan-scanlated again recently so here's a bump for anyone interested in the series to check it out.

  • My vote too, the evil plans of the demon lord are so funny it makes a heartwarming read

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    I just discovered the scanlation of the manga myself. It's very good.

    I think there may be more depth than some are crediting it with.

    Those who have "Personas" and are destined to have roles in various settings can suffer from a conflict between their real personalities and the abilities and compulsions imposed upon them by their Personas.
    So they look for ways to deal with this conflict, ways in which they can "acquiesce" to the Persona while still doing what they would like to do.
    The girl with the Persona of the Demon King comes up with all of these "nefarious plans" that would take decades to come to fruition if they actually succeeded... allowing her to do stuff she'd like to do but conflict with her Persona's goals; she's not incompetent, she's deceiving her Persona...

    Which makes this a lovely psychological study in working around compulsions.

    Note: I've only read the Manga through Chapter 8, so I could be wrong about this.
    I know enough about Literary Criticism to know that it's easy to read things into a story that the author had not intended, that sometimes the LitCrit is far more revealing concerning the biases of the critic than the intentions of the author.

    That doesn't change that I'm finding it a very fun story.

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    @weasalopes I've read a bit further for when they help the next persona & then the drama after that, and yeah I think there's more depth there than there first appears to be.

    I'll be vague here to avoid spoilers, but I'm spoiler tagging my thoughts anyway....

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    Giving a bump because the manga adaptation finished scanlation recently for anyone that wants a simple taste of what the LN has.

  • I apologize in advance since my question is sort of unrelated to the request itself, but does anyone know if the light novel goes further than where the manga ended? I found a place where someone was interested in translating this series, but they mentioned "practicing Chinese"; is the original work written in Chinese?

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    @resolritter Yes, the LN goes further than the manga. Manga Adaptations of Light Novels rarely adapt the full story. They often end up as little tastes of the story. Otherwise, the original work is Japanese.