Hero of God Eye

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    Shingan no Yuusha
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    Makoto is a recluse (hikikomori) who gets summoned to another world. From the Goddess Liana, he’s granted the “Truth Eye” aka “God’s Eye”. Makoto is now able to see various things, including the past and future, using this ability to live as an adventurer in a different world.

    The MC is not OP, his only power pretty much the ability to see the past and future and see stats on items and other people. How he gets this eye power is very reminiscent of a Fairy Tale, a person helps old lady and old lady turn out to be a fairy that grants the helper a wish but in this case the old lady is a goddess and she gives him a power. There is also a baby who likes milk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Seconding this.

    Publisher: Monster Bunko (Futabasha)

    Author: Fast
    Illustrators: Natsu Natsuna (Volume 1) & Hika Akita (Volume 2+)

    To describe the series myself:

    Makoto the protagonist was summoned to another world and discarded because he wasn't to the Goddess' liking as if he was a poor roll in a Gacha. While wandering this new world, he ends up catching the attention of the Goddess Liana that gives him God's Eye which allows him to see stats as well as a bit of the past and future. With only his gift and his strength to pick up a log and use it as a weapon, he begins living in this new fantasy world filled with various God's "heroes".

    It's a really fun series and the protagonist is pretty ridiculous with his super strength as he uses logs as weapons rather than anything traditional like a sword or mace. The heroines in this series are also pretty cute and there are a bunch of absurd ridiculous characters that add to the comedy yet are played completely straight.

    The manga adaptation is pretty poorly rushed honestly so I'd definitely want this light novel licensed.

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    Just the fact that the protagonist fights using huge logs as his weapon is weird and interesting, I don't think I have seen any other LN using a log as the main weapon. I may be wrong though.

    I've taken a look at the manga and the fan translation for this one has only prologue + 3 chapters so there's not much to read/check out unfortunately.

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    I've enjoyed the manga. The protagonist is pretty OP (not sure why @Drone205 doesn't think his super-strength alone doesn't make him OP), but the sheer insanity of the "logs as weapons" schtick is entertaining. Need to fight a vampire? Soak the logs in some holy water and get the ends sharpened, boom, log-sized stakes!

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    @guspaz said in Hero of God Eye:

    The protagonist is pretty OP (not sure why @Drone205 doesn't think his super-strength alone doesn't make him OP)

    The MC is certainly Powerful, but from what I read (which is the first few chapters of the manga) I would not say he is OP. MC from Isekai Smartphone and Death March are OP but Bell from Danmachi is not OP but Bell is certainly powerful.

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    Another one of my monthly reads. Great story!

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    Just found out that V8 is coming out on 30 January 2019. A little bump for this topic 😜

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    Volume 8 Cover for anyone else interested. :3

    Volume 8 Cover

  • I've been reading the manga for a while and I can't grasp what the story is about. It's just some dude who got god eye ability from a goddess that govern it. Gods eye is considered most under powered ability among all abilities different gods can bestow upon humans, but surprise surprise, its not. There are some slave companions he picked up along the way and he uses wooden logs as a weapon.

    That is pretty much it, 18 chapters into manga and I still have no clue what the fuck is the story about.

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    With J-NC's new publishing partner of Futabasha. The chances of this series getting licensed has increased. Here's the Volume 9 Cover.

    Volume 9 Cover

  • @aruseus493 Volume 8 the child has silver hair. Volume 9 its blond hair. Yay for consistency.

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    @zing It doesn't seem the same character to me. V8 is some kind of warrior(?) while V9 is a princess(?).

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    @zing Let's not jump to conclusions until we get a chance to read it.

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    Volume 10 came out in Japan and the end of last month.

    Volume 10 Cover

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    I want to read this one. The manga somehow feels like a bundle of parodies sometimes (with all those apport and slip), and is serious some other time, but in the end it's still hilarious to read, though I'm surprised there is no parody tag on novelupdates.

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