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  • Shinonome Yuuko Series
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    Status: Complete (3 Volumes)
    8th in Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2013

    I know it's a Kadokawa title but it's one of the LN series I really want.
    I never was able to fully read it.
    I started the manga thinking it's a short romcom, but I found it's just partial adaptation.
    I started the fan translation. However, it is at hiatus.

    Minami Eita lives with his older, book-loving brother, whose long-time girlfriend Arumi is often around the house. Minami tries to get along with Arumi, but the truth is that he likes her much more than is appropriate.
    Even though Minami doesn't read much, he helps in the library with his bookworm classmate Shinonome Yuuko, who loves short stories.
    Yuuko once said "a man is a very small and ephemeral being, whose life would be summarized into a fifty-to-sixty page long short story. But want more people to appreciate how fantastic their lives as short stories are. Short stories are indeed short, but they are full of interesting things once you read them. Even if your life is not an epic saga, it is still enough to touch others."

    Minami's ordinary life becomes more confusing when he begins to suspect that he has feelings for Yuuko.
    One day, he finds out her secret--she is actually a published author of short stories! Her publisher wants her to write a novel, and she has enlisted Minami's help in an unexpected way. Minami's teenage life is not going to get simpler anytime soon!

    It's touching, sweet romantic story with some melancholy mixed in

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    I remember hearing about this story a while ago, this seem like it will be a fun read and the fact that it is complete is also a plus, you have my up-vote.

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    I'd love to read this oh so very much.

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    I've never heard of this, but it sounds interesting.

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    Spotlight time! A friendly bump to an older post that hasn't had any recent conversation and is lower on votes in order to draw attention to it.

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    @Hyperion Thank for the bump.

    I forgot about this title, since one of my favorite translation team stopped doing any translation in 2014.
    and with the ntr-esque melancholy romance this is the kind of bitter-sweet relationship SOL that I like.

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    I was looking at the author's latest series, Kono Koi to, Sono Mirai, and guess who shows up.

    alt text

  • @sean-o-hara
    Well, won't call it his latest, it's just the series that got him fed up with LN market and went for BL manga instead lol

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