Seishun Buta Yarou Series

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    Published in Dengeki Bunko, written by Kamoshida Hajime and illustrated by Mizoguchi Keiji. This author and illustrator duo is also know for "Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo" light novel. The first book in the series is called "Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai"( A Pubescent Low-Life Dreams Not of a Bunny Girl Senpai)

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    Synopsis :

    "Hey, shall we kiss?"

    She who was teasing me with these seductive words temporarily disappeared before my eyes.

    There could not be a bunny girl inhabiting a library. Azusagawa Sakuta faced a scene that toppled common sense—he encountered a bunny girl, and she is nowhere a normal bunny girl. She is Sakurajima Mai-senpai, a student studying at the same school as Sakuta and a retired yet renowned actress. It was said that starting from a few days ago, those around her could no longer see her anymore, and she came to the library just to confirm this. Is this related to the hit topic on the internet, the unimaginable phenomenon known as "the puberty syndrome"? Sakuta, wanting to know the reasons behind and get closer to Mai, decided to solve the puzzle. However, the situation then developed in an unexpected way—?

    In the city surrounded by the skies and the seas, the romance story of I and she began. The brand new romantic comedy presented by the Sakurasou combo.


    Comedy, Romance, School

    My own thoughts on the series:

    I am reading volume 2 of the series at the moment and I am finding it very enjoyable. The premise of the series is very similar to Monogatari series. Just replace "the puberty syndrome" with "oddities". In terms of prose it is not as playful as Monogatari series, yet the dialogues are a lot more down to Earth, and there is a lot of flirting. There are quite a few other similarities to Monogatari series. Like how more than half of the book consists of dialogues.

    The characters are well written and very lovable. The protagonist isn't passive like so many other LN protagonist. The mystery isn't really great imo, but that is not the point of the series anyway.

    Also Mai-san is so cute ^^

    Excerpt from volume 1:

    A long time passed with them in silence. They blinked several times, and Mai’s long breaths weighed on his ears. With no forewarning, Mai’s lips slowly moved.

    “Hey, let’s kiss.”

    He was surprised, but didn’t shudder.

    “Mai-san, are you sexually frustrated?”

    “Moooron.” Mai wasn’t angry at Sakuta after teasing him. She wasn’t perplexed or embarrassed, she just smiled in amusement. “I’m sleeping now, night.”


    “Hey, Sakuta.”

    “Weren’t you sleeping?”

    “If I started shaking and crying and said ‘I don’t want to disappear’, what would you do?”

    “I’d hold you from behind and whisper ‘it’s going to be alright’.”

    “I definitely won’t do that then.”

    “Huh, not good enough?”

    “You’d take advantage and grope my chest.”

    “What about your backside.”

    “That’s obviously out.”

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    This seems interesting, Up-vote.

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    D'aww, bunny gal. =3

  • I am interested in this one since ever even before the anime annoucment~
    (I came to know it when I looked for other works by Sakurasou author~)
    Well, I did mention it as one of my guess to what YP will announce in AX

  • I've been reading the manga adaptation for quite a while. I definitely want this. I get a bit of Monogatari Series mixed with OreGairu vibes from it.

    Also LNDB Link.

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    It sounded interesting enough but that excerpt sold me on it.

    More people suggesting should do that, put a notable passage from the book in their pick up sales pitch.

  • So this series is getting an anime in October. I haven't read any fan translations but it caught my interest. I'm assuming it must have a big enough following in Japan to warrant an anime adaptation. It seems like if the LN were to get licensed in English it would be shortly before or soon after the anime adaptation. This series is licensed by Ascii Media Works which is part of Kadokawa, so theres a chance J-Novel could get it. Just seems like this is the best hope this series has had to get an English license.

    Well heres to hoping. I'll probably pick up Kokoro Connect in the mean time.

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    I'm also all for it. Especially since it looks like anime should be of decent quality so it would offer a good support to a timely localisation.

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    Sakuta is a jerk. Mai deserves better.

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    Sakuta is one of the most refreshing male leads I have seen in LNs. He deserves the best just because of that.

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    It seems from the key visual that the anime adaptation will adapt around 5 volumes, which makes me hopeful it will be a 2 cour. It would be nice to get the LN as soon as possible so that the fans don't have to wait 3-4 years to read beyond that.

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    *stares at @MPT *