Going through the anime right now, and I can say it is a great show. Since it appears quite accurate about the original format (ie the LN) I'm sure the LN must be great too. So I support JNC taking over. Furthermore, I've read in the previous posts that Sam couldn't license it due to the digital only situation. But, listening to Justus podcast with Sam, it seems that some JNC book publishing is on its way, making Bunny Girl Senpai licensing a possibility. I do think that due to the anime popularity and critical success (8.62 on MAL), the one to snatch the licensing is going to profit alot from such momentum. JNC team being much faster at translating than the other editors, I do think it could also be a plus on your side. Licensing it, and releasing several volumes in both ebook and printed ed, before the movies to air on 2019, would be a strong marketing hit.