Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

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    Japanese: 月が導く異世界道中
    Translated title: Moonled Journey through Another World


    Publisher: AlphaPolis
    Books released: 15 (1-14 + 8.5)
    Manga adaptation?: Yes (not licensed in English)
    Anime adaptation?: No

    Synopsis: Misumi Makoto is visited by the god Tsukuyomi and learns that his parents were originally from another world. As part of the deal to come to Earth, the goddess from that other world would take one of their children as a hero one day. However, she's put off by Makoto's average appearance and banishes him to the far-off wastelands inhabited only by monster races.

    He quickly finds out that he's far stronger here than on Earth and ends up subjugating a superior dragon and a calamitous spider who happily opt to serve him. In his travels, he comes across the other two heroes summoned by the goddess as well as the demon race at war with the humans.

    Makoto unwittingly establishes himself as the fourth major power on the continent, standing between the two human kingdoms and the demon race. As he tries to stay out of war and politics, he learns more and more about the history and mysteries of the world, as well as his own power.

    My spiel: Alphapolis is a longshot, but, as you guys probably know by now, I'd rather take the shot and fail than not shoot at all :)

    This is a good version of the multiple heroes isekai variant, notable because it deals with a lot of really interesting philosophical questions like immortality and its social/psychological effects on persons mixing with mortal races and multiracial rights and cohabitation. Makoto may be an overpowered protagonist, but it's not all rainbows and unicorns since the author really puts him through the ringer, constantly testing him on his morals and his humanity and changing the stakes all the time.

    There are some nice, less dramatic stories as well, such as training human students into elite combatants, opening a shop and selling confections from Earth, making a hot spring in a winter country, but almost everything still ties back into the main plot of Makoto wanting to remain neutral but the war or the goddess forcing him into action, either directly or by way of threatening people or places he feels he has to protect.

    Overall, this is a pretty dark story that's hidden under a layer of glitter. It's definitely my favorite web novel, though, and I think the author does a very good job of keeping it uncluttered and juggling the many plot balls he's introduced in a way that's not hard to follow.

    Random quote: So the first time Makoto finds a human town, he gets chased off by the guards and adventurers. He finds out it's because he's leaking so much power that they think he's a huge threat trying to destroy the town. I think the manga depicts the ensuing scene best :)

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    I checked out the manga a while ago and read a few WN chapters after it to see how the story goes. It is indeed a nice one, but I think the LN has been changed from the WN since the manga is a bit different from the WN.

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    @terabyte I don't remember the manga differing from the WN at all, at least not in the major story beats. Maybe some events were swapped around, but it's still plodding along on the rails.

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    @myskaros Yeah, the main story is indeed mostly the same. But there are several other minor episodes/things that are different from what I can recall.

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    @terabyte I expect the LN to be different from the WN just because they're different formats and the author also has the opportunity to clean stuff up. Manga too, small changes are part and parcel because of the change in format.

    In other words, since you're just talking about small changes, I don't dispute that they're probably different :P at least it's not a huge difference like in Konjiki no Moji Tsukai where there's an entire arc and new character added to the LN/manga who was retroactively added to the WN with a recap way later in the story :o

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    The manga is good and I readed the WN and I liked it.

    Even have a game (with Kotoko in the opening, very 2000's):


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    I've read the WN, and I'm a big fan of the series. I'd love to see the LN get picked up.

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    I read this one earlier this year. I like the story and would love to see JNC pick this one up if possible.