Kokoro Connect [Licensed By J-Novel Club]

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    Publisher: Famitsu Bunko (Enterbrain)
    Status: Complete (11 volumes)
    Manga: Licensed by Seven Seas
    Anime: 1-cour + a sequel OVA covering 4 volumes (One of my favorites)

    You are a misfit, found no club for you.
    But fret not, you are not alone.
    So, you and this group of misfits makes a club and became friends. Seems nice?
    Well, maybe but you will be visited by mysterious supernatural identity that will experiment with you, guys—

    and that's exactly what happened with Student Cultural Society.

    They were visited by the identity, who calls himself Heartseed—yeah, just like the plant (Cardiospermum).
    He arranged various phenomena like body switching (just imagine what kind of mess, it can happen when they find themselves in bodies of the opposite sex) or random compulsive impulses based on hidden desire or thoughts they are trying to suppress.

    The story unfolds as their hearts does, and the secrets which they held inside or the words they thought they shouldn’t say or wouldn't say—everything is connected now, their hearts “kokoro” are connected.

    After all, sometimes you discover that you never knew the person that is right by your side. So, how will you feel when you can take a look into his heart and you can't hide yours?

    Little Trivia:
    In the "Language of Flowers", the Heartseed plant means "Always together with you" and "Wish to depart with you."

  • I loved the anime for this one, unfortunately the LN translation took way too long so I ended up losing interest in waiting for releases. If this got picked up, it'd be an instant buy from me.

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