Issues accessing Infinite Dendrogram

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    I am a premium member and when I go to read Infinite Dendrogram, I am only seeing Part 1 for every volume except volume 6 and I have faced this issue in other titles also.

    First I thought that this and those have only one part but when I go from Volume 1 part 1 to volume 2 part 1, a lot of information is missing. Please help

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    @nikunu25 I would probably go to the FAQ page. A fully translated book will get "locked" so the only way to read the whole book is to buy it with a credit or wait until that series is available in "catch-up mode" where the whole series is available to read as a pre-pub for the month.

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    You have to buy the volumes, now that they have been published. Whether you are a premium or regular member, prepub access is exactly that, pre publication. Once a volume is published, the prepubs expire for everyone about a month or 2 later.
    Check this thread periodically to see what expires when:
    If you are a premium member, premium credits only cost $6, and Dendrogram has premium bonus stories that the prepubs and Amazon won’t have, so I recommend you buy the first volume and see if you like it.

  • Btw it’s totally worth the read.

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    With the premium epubs for 6$, you'll get the bonus stories and no drm.

    Right now Amazon is doing a sale on Dendrogram volume 1 kindle (may not apply for all countries) for 2.49 if budget is more important to you.

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