Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou

  • Some people asked about more mystery so one more mystery series your way and this one is quite unique, why?

    Reason #1) It ain't actually a LN series. However, one of these LN-like novels I mentioned before in "Mikkakan no Koufuku" topic

    Reason #2) It ain't about dead people but secrets of old books..

    alt text

    Publisher: Media Works Bunko (ASCII Media Works)
    Adaptation: J-drama and Upcoming anime
    Status: Completed - 7 Volumes

    I dunno about you, guys but my dad had a huge library of old books.
    I used to pick any book I like and read it when I was kid.
    However, these old books always had stories like how he had to save a month allowance for certain book or how he fought over a book with his brother or a certain book is gift from someone dear.

    In this series, the mysteries are of that type, it's stories related to old book's histories and owners.
    Sometimes, they can be touching, or entertaining or heartbreaking

    The story begins with a young man named Daisuke, who practically grew up without reading books due to his phobia, who brings the complete (and autographed) collection of works by Natsume Soseki, (Japanese writer of the Meiji era) that he inherited from his grandmother, to the mysterious bookstore.

    There, the young owner, Shinokawa Shioriko, noticed a mystery. There's something wrong about the author's signature and it was more than a mere forgery...

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    Oh yeah, this sounds great! 🤞

  • I like it, then I give my vote

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    I would love to see this get translated as well. I read some of it as a fan translation and fell in love with the characters. The mysteries that are explored in each part are not high stakes by any standard, but the characters introduced for the mysteries are wonderful additions to a growing cast. Then there are the leads, Daisuke and Shioriko, who are so pleasant to read about as they play off each other quite well.

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    Just voted for this over on the Seven Seas licensing poll. I'd love some more LN variety.

  • Glad to see some influx of upvotes to my unwanted, obscure, offbeat suggestions~

    Well, since this came back on the top again, let's mention a few things:

    1. You probably got to see the name recently on top 10 list.
      (like for a month now or smth)
      That is, in fact, a short story volume not 8th volume, and it seems more like a celebration of the new live-action release (hopefully, the anime movie will come out soon)

    2. You can watch the j-drama adaptation on Crunchyroll for certain regions:
      (Personally, I really enjoyed it)

    3. It's one of these occupational mystery (a subgenre of mystery you can find a lot of it in JP lately) that revolves around low-stake mysteries involving a certain "occupation."

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    I've heard a lot about this and would really love to see this translated!

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    Spotlight time! A friendly bump to an older post that hasn't had any recent conversation and is lower on votes in order to draw attention to it.

  • Premise sounds really unique and like it would make for a cozy read, would love to see this get translated too.

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