Kamisu Reina Series

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    Author: Eiji Mikage (Author of The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria/Masquerade and the Nameless Women)
    Publisher: Dengeki Bunko
    Status: Completed (2 Volumes)

    Back again with weird suggestion to disturb the balance here lol

    Well, this one unique light novel series.
    Despite the distinct Dengeki logo, there is no cute girl winking or pouting or gazing into distance or...simply, existing.

    It is what I would like to call a psychological mystery.
    Each chapter is narrated by different character who claims to know a person called Kamisu Reina.
    The only common point is they describe her as this stunningly beautiful young woman and let's see they don't have a happy ending, but when it comes to the person actions and status, it's almost like she has multiple personalities disorder.
    A best friend.
    A hateful nemesis.
    A fellow partner.

    She is our mystery—Who or what is Kamisu Reina?

    I don't wanna give too much away but it's my first Eiji Mikage novel, not Hakomari and since then, he's been one of my favorite authors.
    Ofc, for people who are familiar with his works, it's not happy one with suffering or unstable people.

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    Ha, this was next on my list of suggestisons. Oh well, on to Miniskirt Space Pirates.

  • Haha, never thought this would get a request here. Kamisu Reina is undoubtedly the darkest and most twisted thing I have read that was published as a light novel. In fact IIRC the reason Dengeki didn't give it any illustrations was because of its contents. It is Eiji Mikage's second novel and it consists of two books. Two companion books that can be read in any order. But reading it according to the release order would better.

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    I am here and I said that Kamisu was my first Eiji Mikage experience so I had to do it (I thought Hakomari is #1 LN in the west. They don't want more Eiji? Where are they? lol)

  • @bloodygaikotsu

    Hakomari sales in the West are just okay. As I said in the other thread it wasn't popular among people who buy LNs. You are misjudging its popularity just like the editor of Kodansha Taiga ^_^

    On a somewhat related note, an ad for Serial Killer Detective was shown on TV yesterday and Mikage was in it. A friend recorded it.

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    So the mysterious author showed up on the TV? lol (he didn't bad mouth the readers, right?)

  • @bloodygaikotsu He was smiling the whole time. Let me PM you the link to the clip.

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    This is definitely an interesting work. Pretty much anything by Mikage Eiji is interesting.

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    The empty box was great, I'm definitely up for more work from that author. Especially if it means more horror/mystery novel.

    Btw updating the post to replace or add "The empty box and Zeroth Maria" instead of just hakomari could be a good idea since some persons may not recognize the fan name.

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    Updated it and added both of his licensed works