Oto x Maho (おと×まほ)

  • Title: Oto x Maho
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    Publisher: GA Bunko (SOFTBANK Creative)

    Author: Shuu Shirase

    Illustrators: Yasu

    Books released: 16 (Completed)

    Synopsis: One day, ordinary junior high-schooler Shirahime Kanata is forced by his mother, Konata to sign a contract that transforms him into a "magic girl" in times of trouble. As a magical girl herself, Konata wants to pass her job onto her son so he can protect the peace while she goes on vacation. Unfortunately for Kanata, canceling the contract means he'll permanently change into a girl, so now he's stuck doing an embarrassing job. Along with the help of his supervisor, a perverted cat named Moel, Kanata will fight against the "Noise," magical enemies who try to disturb the peace.. all while wearing a cute skirt!

    Reason: Magical Girls! Magical Battles! Cute crossdressing Protagonist! I don't think I need to say more but let me ramble on a bit. The West sorely lacks Magical Girl LN/WN, a genre that I must say is already synonymous with anime the same way mecha is. With the isekai boom of wish-fulfillment, OP MCs along with way too edgy and depressing, I wish for something lighthearted and carrying that whimsy humor but still having that excitement of battles that old anime and works in the demographic used to have. Yes, it is cliché in so many ways but those clichés carrying the love of the author for the genre while simultaneously poking fun at them. Oto x Maho is simply a humorous and optimistic story that never tries to be more than what it is. A cute Magical Girl(male) fighting evil along with his friends and allies, with a bunch of humorous hijinks along that journey. And that is enough.

  • Personally, I'd prefer Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. instead.
    Nearly the same premise, gender-bending MC and perverted supervisor included.

  • @doublemangekyo
    Well, Twintail is definitely one of my favorites but IIRC, there is quite an amount of tokusatsu references in it that can be hard to bring to English. Sort of like Nyaruko.

    And Oto x Maho's protagonist is a crossdresser, which is quite a bit different than a genderbent MC like Souji or Kampfer's Natsuru.

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