Aura: Maryūin Kōga Saigo no Tatakai

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    Aura: Maryūin Kōga Saigo no Tatakai (Aura: Koga Maryuin's Last War)
    By Romeo Tanaka (Humanity Has Declined, Rewrite)
    Illustrations by Mebae
    Published by Gagaga Bunko
    1 volume

    Ichirou Satou is recovering from an epic case of chuunibyou. To get a fresh start in high school, he enrolls at a school where none of his former classmates are going. But just as he's starting to fit in with the normal kids, he encounters Ryouko, a classmate who is still deep in the throes of chuunibyou. He'd like nothing more than to ignore her, but when his classmates start to bully her he has to choose whether to fit in or stand up for what's right.

    If this sounds like Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai that's because Chu2 is pretty much a direct rip-off of this. The plots are extremely similar, with the main difference being that this is a serious character drama rather than a wacky comedic melodrama. If you're familiar with Tanaka's other work, this is closer to Rewrite than Humanity Has Declined.

  • Won't really call Chu2byo a rip-off tho.
    Both have very different atmospheres after all~

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    This is a modern interpretation of Cervantes' Don Quijote written by Romeo Tanaka - known as the Shakespeare of LN/VN world. Chuunibyou is a cringy rom-com of which I couldn't last a whole season. I don't think it is right to compare them either.

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    I watched the movie for this. I quite liked it.
    Definitely not everyone's cup of tea though.

  • The movie was quite impressive. I"m sure the novel is the superior experience though.