[Manga] Gate: Where the JSDF Fought! (Rescue)

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    Gate: Where the JSDF Fought!
    Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
    Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There

    Publisher: Alphapolis Web Manga (Alphapolis)
    Previous English Publisher: Sekai Project
    Mangaka: Satoru Sao


    Youji Itami is a young soldier off duty on his way to an event when a Gate appears in the middle of Ginza. From within spews an army of a fantasy world forcing Itami into action.

    With the army pushed back, the JSDF are deployed through the Gate and thus begins the clash of two worlds as Itami is put into position as the leader of a reconnaissance squad. Exploring the new world, meeting heroines, and getting wrapped up in political conflicts, this is Itami's new life as a soldier deployed to another world.

    What Happened

    To put it bluntly, Sekai Project has completely failed the English fan-community of the manga. They announced the license for this manga in July of 2015. Pre-orders went up March in 2016 for the first two volumes with the expected shipping date being August 2016 for the first. Unfortunately, it wasn't until November of 2016 that pre-orders finally shipped out with the newly announced expected release time-frame of June 2017. And here were are in July 2018 with only another saying that they'll ship this month.

    All we know so far is that physical copies of the second volume apparently have been printed. However, volume 1 has since stopped being sold via either Amazon or their site. There's pretty much no hope anymore that they'll continue publishing the series after they've shipped volume 2.

    So this is a major request that J-Novel Club enter the manga market rescuing a series that I love quite a bit. One of my most addictive series which I've re-read more than 15 times now to the current chapters. (Fan-scanlations.)


    To end on a positive convincing note. This is a fun series. The mangaka working on this is really high quality compared to 95% of other manga adaptations of light novels. He doesn't just slap down a summary of the light novel, but he brings it to life with his own touch. It's not rushed at all. He understands how to write a climax of an arc to be so thrilling that anime fans could only wish directors cared enough to adapt stuff like that. His art is also quite amazing and he's not afraid of nudity or gore.

    The fan-scanlations for the series have ranged widely in quality. They've always been based on rips from the Alphapolis web manga reader which means the resolutions have been tiny. Then there are also all the early translations being ridiculously poor grammar wise.

    The series takes a focus on adventure and politics as it's typically split between Itami's adventures and life with the heroines and then a bunch of other characters that are working to bring justice for the sudden invasion into the heart of Japan. There's plenty of action, adventure, romance comedy/ecchi, and drama. I'd highly recommend this series for both people to read, and for it to be rescued.

    English Cover Volume 1

  • I support this motion/idea.. though I'm not sure at all about the realistic logistics of such a rescue attempt.
    I'd adore to see this continue (and it's LN) get translated, I'll note I've not heard any official bout the LN but I've also not "googled" on the mater in a few years so if that's already a thing, sweet, if not, well let's fix that too?

    Either way it's really disheartening when these things happen or when a group gets a licence then they sit on it for years and do nothing with it.. while that likely is not the case here they certainly seem to be dragging their feet for some reason from Aruseus's report above.

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    Yes! Absolutely! Yes!

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    if this was really dropped I'm a little pissed I prepaid for volume 1 & 2 and I have only gotten vol 1 last year and it was pretty good

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    @blohmiller I'd bet on it being dropped. I think Sekai Project laid off a bunch of staff a few months ago too. So they're probably losing a lot of stuff now.

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    Seems like Sekai Project is officially dropping it now since their Gate Page on their site is now a 404 defunct for selling directly with removal of any mention of volume 2. A sad day that reminds us all that licenses still get dropped even years after the Tokyo Bubble Pop.

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    @aruseus493 Just went to the page you linked in your post, and it came through just fine. Think the 404 had to have been a glitch. From the page you linked, it's easy enough to surf to the title page. https://sekaiproject.com/pages/gate-where-the-jsdf-fought-manga

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    @pleco_breeder They used to have you order from them directly. The only way to buy now is the first volume via amazon while before, you could pre-order the second volume too. (Which has never come.)

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    @aruseus493 I've never dealt with them, so don't know about their history and can't say for certain, but none of their manga have direct sales now and all redirect to Amazon. Likewise, checked their games and all of them re-direct to Steam. If they were selling direct, I would assume that this is just a change in their distribution chain.

    In this current era, in-house distribution is an unnecessary expense for publishers of any format. This could also account for the staff reduction mentioned in your earlier post.

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    If anyone's at Anime Expo, any chance of harassing Sekai Project about the Gate manga? They're at booth 4623.

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    With the partnership J-NC now has with TOM to essentially rescue their languishing license of BEATLESS, it would be awesome if Sam could convince Sekai Project to do the same thing.

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    Here's a tweet from back in September from the mangaka mentioning how Alphapolis can't get in contact with Sekai Project... Sam, please contact the mangaka about rescuing the license. Maybe he'll be your in for Alphapolis. XD

  • Its been nearly two years since Sekai Project put out a delay and apology and there hasn’t been any news or updates about it at all when there have been nearly 16 volumes released in Japan and you’ve only released one 2016 (well 2 since volume 2 isn’t out yet). I’m just speculating that they should drop the manga and give it to another publishing company like seven seas entertainment, j-novel club, or yen press who might do a better job at translating the manga because all they're doing is mostly focusing on games instead of books.