Dungeon Seeker

  • Synopsis : Junpei Takeda, a high school student, is childhood friends with Noriko Tatsumiya and the bully Kido Shouta. One day, during the usual course of bullying Junpei, they were suddenly summoned to a different world by the whim of "God." Summoned Heroes with cheats, or so he thought. But it turns out Junpei's stats were even worse than an average farmer. Tricked into a deathly labyrinth by the only one he trust, he walks the journey for revenge.

    ( in short god got bored so he summoned 3 people in another world Junpei got worse that average stats so he was weak then he got betrayed by his female childhood friend which he trusted the most but eventually she switched sides with that guy who bullied Junpei she even used her body - you will wish this CUNT!!! should DIE!! i a PILE of SHIT!!! so he was thrown in dungeon with no way of escape literally and so he´s journey begins.)
    alt text
    Publisher : AlphaPolis Bunko
    Status : Ongoing ( 6 volumes)
    Manga : Yes
    Illustrations 1-5 Vol.

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    I love the cover for volume 1. Subsequent art is not as great, but I think I heard the art didn't really represent the quality of the book.


  • @terrence tbh the art makes me want to read it since it looks metal AF. Have we had a series with this much blood in the cover yet in JNC?

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    @hyferzftw said in Dungeon Seeker:

    . Have we had a series with this much blood in the cover yet in JNC?

    Ao Oni comes close, IMHO.

  • @jaquobus oh damn forgot about that one lol.

  • The fan translation of web novel is really awful, the sentences are like gibberish in some cases. Despite that, the content is rather intriguing. There are some world settings that makes Redo of a Healer look like a romance comedy.
    Manga seem to be either skipping some content from web novels or is being based off on light novels. In latter case, it means light novels have significant deviation from web novel or restructures. Visually, manga is not that appealing.

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    If the LN and WN aren't too diffenrent It's really really edgy at time ^^ But that what make it so fun to read, also the world is quite interesting. The only real problem is how it's at time really confusing (not in a good way) and it had some rather big plot hole, but that may be due to the bad translation and the manga answer some plot hole so may be the LN also do so.

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