Story ideas and discussion.

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    So this is going to be me going over story ideas that I want to see a reality, but I figured it would be dull for me to be the only contributer, so let’s just have a great big discussion over what kind of series that you the reader would also like to see in the future. Maybe we can give someone an idea that could make them millionaires and then they could buy us a winning lottery ticket so we can enjoy our lives of luxury... or they might just take the idea and run with it... oh well...

    Honestly I just have a few ideas for light novels that I’d like to see in the future but just don’t have the energy or talent (don’t start on the whole ‘make an effort’ debate because my job keeps me pretty much occupied for the entire day) to write them myself. So then I had an idea; tell others these ideas and let them have the limelight. If all goes well, than I get new books to read and they get an embarrassing amount of cashfrom their lucrative deals in the lightnovel, manga and anime publications.

    Anyways, here are just two ideas for stories that I hope to see in the future.

    The first one I like to call ‘If George Washington was an Elf’. It takes place in a world where humans are a fictional species but history and technology have proceeded to near or where we are today because magic that once existed in plethora in this world is now a scarce material (it’s basically like what oil will be eventually and no I’m not a hippy!). There are also a handful of species that don’t exist or had gone extinct because the magic needed to sustain their lives had been worn to near nothing.

    One day after a group of science majors in a moderate university get permission to run an experiment on a ritual found in an ancient Egyptian tomb that would reportedly ‘summon a hero’ and using the scientific method, they begin the experiment and after burning through a massive amount of the already scarce resources, they see a figure laying there in the middle of their lab.

    The hypothesis they had originally was that going by how the ritual mentioned that a hero was a ‘being of unimaginable power’ that they could research whatever they summoned and reverse the crisis... They were not expecting to summon a fictional creature. A mythical human.

    On the other side of the story, we have our Protagonist falling from a building after being pushed off by his female coworkers who decided to bully him. Knowing that he would be dead soon, the man’s life began to pass his eyes. His final thoughts before splattering on the concrete being how he wouldn’t get to finish reading his light novel. See, our Protagonist happens to be a fantasy nut who knows pretty much every trope in the book fo the genre.

    Now you already know where this is going, but before he could paint the pavement a deep red, he vanishes from the world and ends up in a room where what could be best described as a ‘summoning circle’ seems to have been constructed below him. Taking in the room, his eyes eventually wander towards a Quartet off to one side, two male and two female, but something is not quite right. Yeah, turns out that group comprises a dwarven boy, an elfen girl, a demon boy and a beast girl who seems to resemble a chihuahua. Our Protagonist knows this as the ‘trapped in another world’ trope that it is and is quick to leqrnthat most of the tropes that he had gained in his life were pretty much useless in this new world where Elves and Dwarfs get along well together, rabbit folk and succubi are not horny as hell and magic is pretty much extinct.

    There is more to be sure, but this is just a sampling of the ideas for the story. Other ideas could be that since humans are not a native species of this alternate Earth, certain aspects could be replaced with tropes of fantasy such as how Beastfolk could replace the Native Americans in being the species enslaved by colonizing Dwarfs and Elfs which in this case would be replacing the powers that were colonizing America all the way back in the early 17th century.

    Our Protagonist could also be pretty much a magic generator that begins reawakening some of the long dormant genes extinct species or just by generating magic cause evolution to take a massive leap for a good amount of species. See, another idea for the story would be that the Protagonist’s world has magic in abundance that the populace never learned how to actually utilize and thus has an almost limitless store of energy within him that slowly begins to spread across the world overthe course of the series causing many incidents of rampant animals (since monsters would just be a regular animal to the Alt. Earth) and odd phenomena that resembles magic.

    There’s just a lot of material that could be worked with in regards to this kind of story, but I do have another idea for one that really only came to my mind a few days ago.

    I call this second idea ‘Welcome to AllMart. How may we help you?’ It’s a story about a super dimensional super market that sells products from all across the multiverse all around the multiverse. The staff of the store would be mostly species other than human, but there would be a few. In fact it’s not just humans and fantasy beings who work at AllMart. They have a few artificial beings such as a gynoid who works the clothing section or a cyborg that works security.

    The story is about a 16 year old human girl who is looking for a job so she could do a teenage girls usually do, but isn’t having any luck finding an opening for any entry level jobs. That is until she notices a small store that she’s never seen on her usual path home. Curious, she wonders inside and finds a world of wonders as goblins are hunting down a fax machine to make copies of a map of their territory to pass out to their tribe, boys in medieval armor are chatting up girls wearing what seem to be a DBZ scanner and a small rabbit girl carrying a box of slime repellent that was recalled after an incident with a shogoth and a water balloon.

    Wandering around for a while, the girl eventually meets an orc man working the Electronics section and finds out that they actually are looking for an employee for a stocking position. Having had no luck at all with job hunting up till this point, the girl decides to try for the position. All she has to do is meet the manager and she’s set.

    Let’s just say that she got the job, but the only problem is that she doesn’t really know about how to properly conduct herself around some of the more interesting customers, associates and products around the store. It’s going to be a long shift girl.

    The idea of the series is that it’s a supermarket specializing in odd products and customers that deals with clash between pretty much everything you can think of be it culture or genre. As you’ve no doubt realized from the title idea, it’s supposed to be based on Walmart, but I can’t think of another name for the store so AllMart will do for now.

    There are plenty of ideas for how to run this story such as how some characters are spiritual beings who have no physical form so they need to either have a solid chauffeur to get the products for them or to use a special device that allows solidity. Maybe what seems like a fly to our heroine is actually a customer that was trying to get her attention for a good five minutes until the manager steps in and apologizes for his new employees rudeness. Who knows what will happen during our heroine’s next shift at your super dimensional AllMart, where our associates are willing to help you whoever or whatever you are.

    And that’s about it for my ideas. I really have a feeling that the first idea has a lot better of a chance of becoming realized because there’s good mileage in that plot, but the second idea would more be for those who actually know the pain of working retail, but regardless I hope you at least browsed the ideas Ihad, but what about you? Have any other ideas for stories or want to contribute to one already suggested? Than please let me know. Seriously I just want to know how much creativity we all have a chance of displaying.

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    I have a lot of ideas. I pretty much posted them the light novel titles thread. I had so many that I was pretty much the only person posting stuff so I eventually stopped. There was some that I really like though and some more that I did not get to post that I liked too.

    One idea I really like was mc is reincarnated as five different ppl that I will expand here:

    an Elven Princess named Alice. Once Alice turned 100, she began a pilgrimage to the 17 sacred Elvish sited around the whole world, something that is thought to be impossible. Alice has departed on her birthday morning with her two trustworthy friends, Lili and Laura, who also served as Alices' personal maids.

    Bob, a retired A Rank adventurer who lost his wife one year prior. saved enough money to start his own shop; a Bar & Inn that also sells necessities for adventurers such as potions and various tools. Bob has three daughters; fifteen-year-old Keren who serves as the "face" attracting customers and cooking, and the thirteen-year-old twins Sara and Clara as waitresses who serve food and clean and prepare the rooms. Bob sells the adventurer tools and deals with rowdy customers who try to touch his precious girls or who start fights.

    Carla, an abused catgirl of age 14 who steals from the rich to feed herself and the other orphans. Carla has superhuman stealth skills and detection skills that she can sneak on almost anyone and never be taken by surprise. Carla is scouted and employed by the emperor himself to be a spy for him and promises a future where no child has to starve or be afraid ever again.

    sixteen-year-old Derek becomes an adventurer who hearing of all the great stories about the heroes from legend from his big brother, decides to become a hero himself after his brother died protecting him from a goblin attack. The thing about Derek is... he absolutely sucks at every aspect of being an adventurer, let alone a hero. Derek can not even accomplish slaying rats and slimes, the easiest jobs for an adventurer.

    Erika, the Demon Princess hiding as a Dark Elf Slave who wishes for demons to live peacefully with the races (humans, elves, dwarves etc.). Erika is bound to a slave merchant and her future as a slave has a fifty percent chance of being awful or great. Erika passes off as an extremely beautiful dark elf, so it is not likely that she will be put to hard labour, however, the likelihood she will be bought as a house slave was roughly equal that to a sex slave.

    This is where John Smiths' lives start in another world.

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    For me I would kinda like to see an apocalypse world (probs set 50-100 years) after the invasion from another world, guns are pretty much none existent anymore and it’s turned into more of a world with swords
    The resistance group the black knights have more or less been wiped out to the point of seeing two member together is rare,
    My story would follow one person trying to survive in the new world his equipment is rusty and well worn going from town to town helping out we’re ever possible but as soon as they see the mark of a Knight on his forearm they get scared as the new order marks them all as terroists

    Easy way to put it think of the story as log horizon with out magic or even the book of eli

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    I like both of those ideas. I don’t think I’ve seen a series about multiple personalities coming from the same life and a post apocalyptic fantasy world would be a creative spin on the game.

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    Tbh I got my idea from a game I would like to see made (my own idea) called assassin creed alternative were the templars won the war and Desmond failed to stop the solar flair turning the world into a barren waste land and the survivors are ruled mercifully by the templars

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    @syko Still, it’s a good twist yeah? How many genre clashes go that way besides the whole Neir thing... Still never played the series...

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    There was a story I have had in my head for nearly my whole life. Ever since I was like 3 I had a story idea that was basically an Isekai. A guy who on his sleep is in a fantasy world with knights, magic, and dragons; while he sleeps in the fantasy world he is in the "real world." I put real world I quotes because the real world was basically a sci-fi world like our own but the main difference was everyone had a chip Implant that served as a TV, computer, and telephone in one where you can have an imaginary screen pop up in front of you and play Mario or metroid or something. Well basically the real world was like Accel world and the fantasy world was like any other fantasy world.

    Edit: I have added way more over the years.