Hajimari no Mahoutsukai (Primitive Wizard)

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    ((The Magus of Genesis))
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    Publisher: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
    Status: Ongoing - 4 volumes
    Author: Ishinomiya Kanto
    Illustrator: Fal Maro
    Novel Updates

    NU Description:
    In an age long lost to legend and myth.

    In an age where humans had still yet to establish a system of writing.

    It’s said that there existed a Magus in a country named Scarlet.

    It’s said that he imparted knowledge concerning language and writing, taught how to cultivate the lands, instructed the ways of raising animals, and brought about the gift—nay, the magic of fire.

    It’s said that he was a dauntless youth, a dragon clad in scarlet red scales, a person worshiped far and wide.

    It’s said that this man was the God of Civilization.

    Yet strangely, his name had been virtually wiped from the records.

    Therefore, he was simply referred to as—

    —The Magus of Genesis.

    First Impressions/ Take aways:
    Guy obsessed with learning about magic dies, gets reincarnated as a dragon, and wants to set up an academy to teach the uncivilized people of this new world. He saves an elf girl and she is going to help him. Seems like an interesting story so far. I'm curious as to how he is going to recruit people to this academy since he is a dragon and the humans don't have much of a language yet. I've only read the first 3 or 4 chapters.

  • @shhotaku world building is one of my favorite things about some light novels. This one I will probably like a lot. Got my upvote.

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    I've read the first volume, it's pretty interesting so here's my vote.