What are Some Settings You'd Like to Explore in Light Novels Besides Western Style Fantasy?

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    What do you guys want to see for settings besides Western Fantasy?

    I think I'd like to see more alien worlds / space travel. I guess there's no shortage of that from Western writers, but it could be interesting to see what they come up with. Before jumping into LN, I read one Stanislov Lem work I really enjoyed because the world and society was so alien to the characters, the creatures not just bipedal humanoids. And humans trying to help other creatures / societies out is bound to be a failure when we can't even help our own society reach Type 2 planet status, so it's interesting to see that explored as well.

    Space station stuff can be interesting too (you can go 2001 A Space Odyssey or Alien with it, or you can go with more of a youthful survival tale, like Astra Lost in Space).

    Older period Japanese style setting would also include Japanese fantasy that takes place in old style villages or cities (like Utawarerumono).

    Reality is kind of a catch-all for Highschool and Work based stuff. Obviously those genre are very different, but the settings are a shared reality base. I'd like more older character work based stuff + Urban Fantasy. I figure Futuristic City has us covered for most HS Battle Harem too.

    Any other settings you can think of that would be interesting? Any of these you like?

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    Id wanna see some more slice of life LNs so I guess a modern day setting would be the one for me. I would also like some set in the edo period.

  • Yeah more alien planets would be nice. It would probably have world building which is one of my favorite things about different stories.

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    One major one I missed in the poll was old time Western settings (Baccano 1920s + 30s; anything taking place in Greek / Roman times). That can be fun too.

  • @terrence I personally wouldn’t mind but would rather pick anything with futuristic elements to it because I love to see/read/hear about other people’s views on the future. You know something new and not something we know a lot about if you have taken history classes before. I still wouldn’t mind that setting tho since it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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    That's why I really want ZoaHunter. Seeing a not so distant future (with some interesting tech, like Monocycles and synthetic tech) where we try to figure out the overpopulation problem through science? Intriguing.

    It's got some nice psychological issues it might explore too, like what does it mean to be human when more than 90% of your body is synthetic.

    I'm not a huge fan of Eastern historical settings, but we just don't have many stateside in LN.

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    Other: mediterranean fantasy.

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    Other: anything that can be classified as a food related LN.

    Don’t care if the setting is Tengoku or Jigoku, an Uchuujin planet, or inside someone’s Karada I just really wanna read something where it is mostly about food.

    Edit: now that I think about it I would actually enjoy reading about a high end restaurant in Hell where some of the baddest of the baddest congregate but then we realize they might not be so bad after all.

    Plot twist the owner of the restaurant has a twin brother who runs a similar place in Heaven and we see that sometimes it’s noy always good guys who make it go there.

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    I'd either like some dystopian cybperpunk like Shadowrun, or something set in modern times, post WWII but before the Inernet and mobile communication became ubiquitous like Another, Hotel Dusk or Monster.

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    Honestly I'd like to see something set in space, with a fairly bright and optimistic outlook. Aliens optional, although I'd probably say it would be better not to have them, because if they're not the main focus, they usually end up being essentially humans with makeup attachments and odd made-up cultures.

    Having something planet-bound would quickly make the story about that planet, so I'd prefer something on a space station or some such. One issue is that a lot of writers quickly dream up an entire galactic civilization, and then get lost in the endless possibilities and write themselves in a corner. So I'd like something focused more on the local interactions of the characters, rather than the grand sweeping space opera of massive fleets and polities.

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    I used to read a ton of Halo books, so I'd like some more sci-fi stuff I guess. AI shit in particular I love the fuck out of. (AI are just great.)

    Otherwise, would like more Post-Isekai series where the protagonist goes back to Earth like The Hero's Success is Now!

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    I could do for some Slice of life series since I feel were a bit over saturated in terms of fantasy right now so I'll vote for real world.

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    The setting from "Although i'm only level 1...", the novel in itself isn't worth your time it’s an other op MC with harem, but the setting was surprisingly good: it's a world wich is nothing but dirt, and every other thing came from dungeon, spawning randomly around the world. The novel doesn’t use it very well but i think it as potential.

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    @aruseus493 what about the story on how the people of our world and someone gets spirited away and it's the story of how we act and react to said person's disappearance. One aspect could be after a lot of time the person returns.