It's Fun Because the World Became a Death Game

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    Alt Title: The World Was a Death Game, so It's Fun.
    JP title: 世界がデスゲームになったので楽しいです。


    Otaku gamer high school student Shinji. Suddenly surrounded by zombies, he can level up if he defeats the zombies with his game knowledge! - Eh this is not a zombie outbreak, but a game-like world? Do you enjoy it? Shinji's game-like everyday life begins!!

    Why Should JNC pick this up?

    It's one of those bridge the gap Literature entries that is light novel in everything but publication designation, a regular novel label. Zombies. Game elements. The art on the covers is fantastic, though the inserts leave a bit to be desired I guess.

    Are you going to be reading it?

    I bought the two volumes, but I'm not sure. I'll at least be looking through it a bit when I have time. I don't believe these have translations anywhere.

    How Many Volumes?

    Only two. The second one looks a bit different (no outright zombies on the cover; people in the reviews saying it's more of a strategy RPG variety), so I assume the first one is somewhat self-contained at least in terms of setting? But I do fear it could be an "unfinished" series (I can't find anything definitive about it being over or no). The last release was January 2016.

    Who is the publisher?

    Kadokawa Shoten

    I like this negative review for volume 2 if the Google Translate interpretation is right (spoilers for volume 2 setting).

    Give me Ramen and not Udon noodles waiter! Don't mix my genres, lol.

    I guess I might feel betrayed if I read a novel and it turned into something else I wasn't a huge fan of too.