Makai Tantei Meiousei O - Hell Detective Pluto O

  • So, It's Halloween!
    Let's get some Horror stuff~!

    But—this one is a bit of tricky situation.
    It's collaboration between various authors and 2 publishers (Kodansha and Kodakawa)!

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    Eiji Mikage (HakoMari)
    Hitoma Iruma (Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko, Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan)
    Ion Aioi
    Kazuma Shinjou (Summer / Time / Traveler)
    Otsuichi (Zoo, Goth)
    Otarou Maijo (Asura Girl, Disco Detective Wednesday)
    Yoshino Origuchi (Monster Girl Doctor)
    Yoshinobu Akita (Orphen)


    Action, Horror, Mystery, Super Power, Supernatural, Suspense

    Status and Publishers:

    • Kodansha Novels (Kodansha)
      4 Volumes
    • Dengeki Bunko (ASCII Media Works)
      1 Volume
    • Media Works Bunko (ASCII Media Works)
      2 Volumes

    7 in total.

    Say, did you think that humans were the one standing at the top of the food chain? That's a great misunderstanding. The ones who are located at the top of hierarchy of this world are "Them" who live inside the darkness. By no means do they come to the surface world, the one we humans live. What we understand about "Them" is only that they absolutely hate having their existence to become known to human society. While there are some of "Them" with a form resembling that of a human being, there are others that look like a completely different kind of living creature.

    It is rare, but sometimes trouble between humans and "Them" can happen. Humans who discover the secret of "Their" existence, a stray "Them" preying on humans, and many other problems that I can not talk about to anyone. In those cases, in order to resolve those incidents involving "them", an utility man is employed.
    That man's name is "Pluto O"... that's me. What I told to you only was what I know. If you ever get in troubles, call my name three times.
    Say "Pluto O! Pluto O! Pluto O!", and if you're lucky I'll show up to help.

    It seems to be more of mix bag depending on the author involved like
    I can imagine crazy stuff under pen of "Otarou Maijo" and "Eiji Mikage" might make it really dark and "Hitoma Iruma", probably, will make it a bit lighthearted with some interesting dialog and some philosophy interjections.

    But, mainly, it seems like Occult detective-type of stories!


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    @bloodygaikotsu said in Makai Tantei Meiousei O - Hell Detective Pluto O:

    Otarou Maijo

    I want Disco Detective Wednesday т___т

  • @novurdim
    Well, I was thinking of shooting more Otaro works till smth get hooked.
    I suggested this one too.
    His debut novel that he got Mephisto for...

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    That first cover is crrrreepy! Is she made of guitar wood and string? T_T

    I wouldn't mind seeing something like this. Those stories that play on anxiety of what could appear in the dark are good, which I assume some of these do.

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    @bloodygaikotsu said in Makai Tantei Meiousei O - Hell Detective Pluto O:

    Well, I was thinking of shooting more Otaro works till smth get hooked.
    I suggested this one too.
    His debut novel that he got Mephisto for...

    Unfortunately, he is probably more of a Vertical patrimony. But still, it would be incredibly fun to see something like Wednesday from JNC, it's surely the book that would interest the non-ln crowd

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    That one seem really unlikely to get licenced.
    But i hope it get, creepy strange story are great, and with the author of HakuMaria being one of the writer it can only be good.

  • Oh yeah, Pluto O series. That series where they never revealed which author wrote which book.

  • This is also the only book of Mikage that I don't own because I don't know which one he wrote. I'd buy all of them but the shipping costs would be insane. I wish they'd been released in digital format.

    However after some re-research I made just now, I found out that Tetsuo(illustrator of HakoMari) did the cover for this one :
    And according to one of the reviews it has a very Mikage feeling to it. So this is the one he wrote probably. I think they accidently revealed which one Hitoma Iruma wrote too. I just can't remember where I read that.

    Edit : Ah yes, this synopsis just screams Mikage. And that subtitle lol.

  • @novurdim
    Actually, the only full novel for him to be released in English is by Viz.
    Well, definitely, his Kodansha novels are more likely to be licensed by Vertical If they ever get licensed.

    But, we can't say the same for the ones published Shinchosa, but the question is would even JNC audience care for it.
    You need an audience beyond the one here rn but I'm still shooting here anyway for some one hit I wasn't expecting.
    I probably should make Wednesday one today then~
    Let's see what will happen~

  • @raitoiro
    Well, both Japanese companies are interested in western market so who knows?
    Vertical and Kodansha had success with Horror and mystery, anyway.

    It does seem to be a hassle to get all licensed.
    Since you will be dealing with 3 different editorial offices.

  • @hakogami
    Well, Most of these guys have very distinct style and preferences.
    You can easily guess them when you get to read it.