Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai (The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap)

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    Synopsis (from Novel Updates):

    A polite and lethargic boy was reincarnated in another world as a vampire bishoujo.

    In this world of swords and magic, this protagonist who was reborn replete with all kinds of cheat powers was searching for one thing――!

    “Three meals a day, snacks and an afternoon nap, I guess.”

    Are you really the protagonist!

    And thus begins the fantasy comedy of a vampire looking for the ideal moocher lifestyle…?

    alt text

    Publisher: Earth Star Entertainment
    Status: Ongoing (Vol. 7 released in Sept. 2018)
    Manga: Yes

    Read the manga for this and it's a cute, fun, lighthearted piece. I thought I'd throw it in as a rec since it's an Earth Star title and thus wouldn't be too hard for JNC to acquire, and fits in with the sorts of titles that do well here (and I enjoy it enough that I'd be willing to buy it, myself).

    Other notes:

    • Yes, the protagonist is a male reincarnated into a female, loli vampire. She(?)'s pretty crass and gives everyone unflattering nicknames, but it does help distinguish her from the usual nice-guy isekai MC.
    • MC does seem to be gathering something of a harem. Of girls. Definitely a lot of girl-to-girl attraction (mainly one-way towards the MC), with some bloodsucking shenanigans; whether it goes any further is beyond what I've read of the manga.

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    This has a manga adaptation as well(most isekai seem to be getting them?...).

    The artist adapting that manga, SAKURA, is also the artist of another manga, Waga Itoshi no Wota Kanojo (Boy meets "Wota" Girl. Don't think. Feel! (title from mangadex)). Why am I mentioning this? Well...

    A fan translator picked it up earlier this year. At some point he decided to take contact with the author and mangaka on twitter to get permission to keep translating it(...). ... ... Well, he got it(!?)(though he's not entirely sure the publisher is aware of it so situation might be a bit gray...). Some readers were a bit angry as he removed the earlier translated chapters and started translating/retranslating the manga from the beginning, but by now he's already past the old chapters.

    The manga, by author Ryuryu Shinku and artist SAKURA, is 5 volumes long and was completed in 2014. SAKURA's trademark style can best be described as very 'cute', so anyone with such inclinations should check it out, and of course the manga adaptation of the titular isekai mentioned here.

    If j-novel ever has a place for licensing suggestions for manga, I think I'll cast my vote on those two.

  • @stardf29 I´ve read or still reading the manga and the LN as well(it is hard to read it in japanese :( ) and I have enjoyed it quite well so you got my vote

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    You had me at vampire. (I love the undead).

  • Series ends with its 8th volume 15th of April!alt text

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    If the series is ending, I want it even more now~ Post needs a complete tag now. :3

  • @aruseus493 it is not ending it ended 9 days ago :D

  • Just like “A Wild Last Boss Appears”, I want to read finished works. After all, I can’t help but give up on series that continue forever. I do like to take my time enjoy reading those series, but catching up to the latest volume and waiting months for the next one really frustrates me when I’m the impatient type of guy waiting for a vol. of their favorite light novel.

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    @aruseus493 said in Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai (The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap):

    If the series is ending, I want it even more now~ Post needs a complete tag now. :3


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