Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled from Paradise- novels

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    • Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled from Paradise- (movie novelization 2014)
    • Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled from Paradise- mission.0 (prequel 2014)
    • Rakuen Tsuihou 2.0: Rakuen Zankyou -Godspeed You- (sequel 2016)

    Publishers: Hayakawa | Shogakukan
    --Masayoshi Yasugi (movie novelization)
    --Shoutarou Teshirogi (prequel novel)
    --Renji Ooki (sequel novel)
    Illustrator: Masatsugu Saitou


    It is the year of 2400. Most of the world’s population transferred its consciousness into the virtual reality of DEVA, whose servers are located in the Earth’s orbit. This freed people from their mortal bodies, and also opened up many new opportunities. However, the resources of DEVA’s servers are limited and their use must be worked for the benefit of society. A certain hacker named Frontier Setter regularly hacks the DEVA server in order to invite its inhabitants to go with him to explore outer space. As the investigation shows, the cyber attacks come from the real world, from the surface of Earth. To catch the criminal, DEVA sends an agent of the security system, Angela Balzac. To perform the operation, she is given a body, and a partner that inhabits the surface of Earth.


    An original prequel to the “Expelled from Paradise” movie
    The Earth has been brought to ruin by the Nano Hazard. Many people abandoned the surface, becoming data, and they now live in the digital world of DEVA. Angela Balzac, having landed her dream job of inspector, is partnered up with senior investigator Met Martinez.
    The currency, as you might call it, used inside DEVA is “memory” - i.e. the amount of data one can possess. Although not fully on board with Met’s ideal of rushing to rack up the achievements needed to increase one’s data capacity, forsaking human relations in the process, Angela finds herself enamored with her work ethic.
    Not long after their meeting, a malignant program suddenly attacks DEVA. From the residents to the architecture, it devours all memory and converts it into a tropical landscape. The program calls itself Noa Noa.
    While proceeding with her investigation, Angela learns of a secret population control organization named Teufel.
    Could that really be paradise…?

    Sequel (SPOILER for the movie below):

    Official After Story of the smash hit movie “Expelled from Paradise”
    Angela and Frontier Setter
    A reverberating tale of their respective “afters”
    DEVA – the digital world most of humanity now resides in as electronic data. The identity of Frontier Setter, the mysterious hacker that tried to make contact with them, turned out to be an AI aiming to head out into space.
    He began his journey into the unknown with the help of investigator Angela, but now a replica of that same Angela is commanding his pursuit!
    Meanwhile, three lower class citizens of DEVA – Yuri, Laika, and Braun – have been tasked with some perilous space work. During their assignment the children encounter a replica of Frontier Setter that was left on Earth.


    I learned only recently that there was a prequel and a sequel novel. Really liked the movie. With how uplifting it was, I almost forgot it was written by Gen Urobuchi. I'd love to read what happens before/during/after in book form.

    I know these books, much like the Gargantia novels, probably won't see the light of day in the English market anytime soon... But I still hope to be able to read them one day.

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    Spotlight time! A friendly bump to an older post that hasn't had any recent conversation and is lower on votes in order to draw attention to it.

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    This and Gargantia novels I would love to have so we can continue the stories.

    Since Expelled from Paradise is Hayakawa, and JNC has established a relationship there, I have a slim hope for this.

  • @terrence TBH what I'm really interested in is the prequel novel. I never would've imagined that the beach scene in the beginning of the movie had a backstory to it. Angela's rookie days with Senpai sounded like a good story to read.

    It's just too bad that particular book had to be published by Shogakukan for whatever reason...

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    Though I would love to read this, I'm not sure I could see J novel club licensing this since they don't seem that interested in licensing spin offs.

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    @eternal-wanderer said in Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled from Paradise- novels:

    Though I would love to read this, I'm not sure I could see J novel club licensing this since they don't seem that interested in licensing spin offs.

    Iirc, Sam was interested in acquiring Full Metal Panic Fomuffu (or whatever it's called) if the main FMP does well (as well as the sequel novel series). So I don't think they're completely opposed to spin-offs (unless I missed a Curiosity Cat response on that).

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    @terrence But those are related to a series already being translated by JNC. This novel would be a spin-off of an anime movie.

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    I figure if they license the movie novel adaptation first, then the second novel would feel like a sequel to the novel just as much as the movie for novel only people?

    But maybe they're scared of licensing adaptations though after Ao Oni and Yume Nikki's performances (tbf, I'm not a huge fan of adaptations instead of the original if the original is available in English officially). =(

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    To be fair, those two are relatively unknown series whereas Expelled From Paradise, IIRC, had a bit of advertising when it was released a few years ago, has mecha and more importantly, fanservice.