Suggestion: Light Novel (by "Welcome to the NHK" author)

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    Basically recommending this one on the pedigree of the author. I imagine someone will grab it for release stateside, but I guess we'll see.

    It appears to be his foray into Isekai? I guess I'll see. I picked it up, and I'm going to waste some time with it this month in between other things maybe.

    Rough Google Translated Synopsis:

    From what I read so far, it appears to start by following a depressed boy living with his mom who can't even taste his food, only opens his mouth to shovel food in silently at the dinner table, and is upset over not being able to be accepted to a school he wanted to go to.

    Edit: Can a mod move this. Meant to place it in the Licensing Suggestion board. T_T

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