Moto Kizoku Reijou de Mikon no Haha Desuga, Musumetachi ga Kawaii Sugite Boukenshagyo mo Ku ni Narimasen (MotoMusu)

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    Title: Moto Kizoku Reijou de Mikon no Haha Desuga, Musumetachi ga Kawaii Sugite Boukenshagyo mo Ku ni Narimasen
    Publisher: TO Bunko
    First release: 8 December 2018
    Author: Taikoban
    Illustrator: Maro
    Genre/s: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama

    The noble class that treats those born with white hair or heterochromia as treacherous snakes, Shirley was born into the family of the most powerful duke in the land adorned with stunning hair the colour of snow, and non-matching red and blue eyes.

    Hated by her own family, and having the only man who she ever loved snatched away by a jealous younger sister on her wedding night, she is imprisoned on false charges.

    Enduring torture and humiliation, she vowed to take revenge against those who wronged her. But, even though she escaped, in her belly there was the child of her former fiancée.

    Even if the man himself is hateful, an unborn child is without sin. After giving birth to healthy twins, she thought to leave them at an orphanage for safekeeping, but…

    “Ah, what to do, my daughters are just too cute.”

    Shirley was floored by the feelings she held for the two girls she had brought into the world. Choosing motherhood over revenge, she fled the Empire and settled in a remote town in the neighbouring Kingdom. In order to support her children, she found herself entering through the doors of the Adventurers Guild. It would be nice if they could live a nice quiet life out here, where the empire won’t think to look for them…

    “Ms. Shirley! Calamity-class monsters are appearing in the Kingdom! Can you help us!?”

    “I’m very sorry, but I have to decline. I’m helping my daughters with their homework today.”

    After ten years, she had somehow become known around the world over as “The Demonic White Sword”.


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    Interesting premise, it has gotten my vote. I'll create an LNDB page for it later.

    Edit - Alright, added an LNDB Page.

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    I saw this one the other day on Bookwalker. Yeah, looks interesting, mother and her daughters (adventuring?).

    It only has one volume so far I think (brand new license). Hasn't stopped other things that are planned to be ongoing from getting picked up / announced early though (Gear Drive, that Orphanage Demon-Lord one from Sol Press).

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    Not a romance? Colour me intrigued, I wanna see where this goes.

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    The premise seem interesting, that title tho...

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    I would definitely like to more LN about parenthood or where one or both parents plays a prominent role in the story. We need more stories about a family.

  • The premise making me not sure about the whole thing.
    it seems a bit lost?

    The initial setting seems quite complex, and interesting. However, it sounds quite convoluted for the vibes the other half of the synopsis gives.
    Is it just slice of life, parenting style? Or the aspect of speciesism or fear of difference or mislead religious convictions will come into play later on?

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    @bloodygaikotsu here is how I see it from the synopsis. The mother was drenched in fear, despair, and anger. She gives birth to her children and her motherly instincts kick in to prioritize the children over her own selfish desires. Her children heals her soul. I am sure all that brgining bit will play a role in the story, like maybe thr kids will ask "who's our father?" I mean in our world there are countless mothers in similar situation as the character in this story, just minus the fantasy stuff.

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    After many adventures and events a demon king appears to destroy the world. The mother fought and defeated the demon king to protect the place where she and her daughter lives. A few days after the fight, the daughters found a wounded and weakened man and they helped him. Turns out that the dude was actually the demon king and he became friendly with the kids while he was being treated by them. Thanks to that he met the mother and they fell in love with each other. They get married and had a happy family. The End.

    The story seems like it would go that direction to me. And I like it.

  • @drone205
    That still doesn't adress my concerns.
    There are many ways to create the same situation of single mother and 2 kids without any huge promise that xenophobia is involved.

    The synopsis sounds like an anime starts with quite the dark episode that promises a certain complex theme then you end up with cute girls doing cute things instead.

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    your synopsis sounds like "For My Daughter..." which I quite enjoyed.

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    @bloodygaikotsu The synopsis is admittedly not the best, though I feel like that's a problem with the given synopses for many of these unlicensed LNs; many of them feel like just descriptions of the prologue with no real indicator of what the tone or direction of the story is.

    To me, though, this does seem to set up some potentially interesting character stories, though it'll ultimately come down to execution and balancing what seems to be a more light-hearted slice-of-life base with perhaps some more serious moments. I'm giving it an upvote because it looks like it has potential, but if you don't trust it yet, then save your upvote until perhaps someone who's read the source material can give more insight.

  • @stardf29
    I did talk about my doubts with someone who read a bit of the Manga adaptation, however, I didn't get anything.

    I might check the Manga at some point.

    As you said, most synopses suck and that's why I usually write my own for my suggestions, so been checking various Manga adaptation of suggested series lately to know how to deal with these titles I've never been exposed to nor the synopsis hold anything useful about the story.
    Some proved that the series is more than synopsis like Assassin pride.
    Some just told a very different story from the synopsis like Kenja no mago and Risou no Himo Seikatsu.
    and some just feed my concerns that the series ain't for me like World Teacher and FUNA's work.

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    This looks rather cosy.
    I wonder if Tio will turn into a masochist when she grows up....

    Manga is very well drawn, if we look past the simplicity of background art...

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    Popular enough to still be publishing and even got a manga, I like that, raises our chances of seeing it.

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