New Dengeki Label? LN News Has an Interview Posted in Japanese.

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    It seems Dengeki has a new label.

    alt text

    I wish I knew Japanese, but there's a nice long interview about the label and the new works.

    I think it's focus is web novels for older-ish audiences being adapted to paperback? Idk.

    Here's their lineup so far:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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    The second one looks like it might be a kingdome building type. The last one looks food related. Looks interesting.

    Edit: 3rd maybe amnesia? Idk.

    Edit the second: inverse realist hero maybe for the second one? A realist demon king.

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    I wish JNC licenses the Realist Demon King.

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    @terrence It's a tankobon label. They're also doing the new edition of the Boogiepop novels.
    Tankobon usually implies they're going for a slightly older audience -- more the Overlord/Tanya demo than the usual light novel. The interview says that Dengeki Bunko haven't been aggressively going after web novels, but will now be doing so, and they'll mostly be from this new label (but if the contents are a better fit for the jr high/high school crowd, they'll still put things out through the bunko label.)

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    ^ Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing what more comes out of this initiative.

    Here's the JP site for Unnamed Memory.

    It's a Fantasy Action Rom Com I think (looked a little more serious fantasy from the cover to me, but I guess there's some fun; it appears the story is about

  • What are the chances of jnc working with them. All those covers look awesome. Also “Unnamed Memory” looks pretty dope. I wonder what the age demographics is for JNC. I can’t really tell, but from the collection of books posts I’ve seen I’d say ages 20+. But more mature content is always welcomed imo.

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    @hyferzftw Sam did license JK Haru...

  • @paul-nebeling oh silly me I’m lost I guess. XD. Well that makes me happy then, since JK Haru was something I felt was totally worth reading.

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    Listings for these are up on Bookwalker now. Rough Rough Google Translate descriptions inbound.

    Bad Trip

    Kamoi Kazuma of "Toaru Majutsu no Index" releases the strongest crime action!

    The strongest dealer of the virtual space "money (game) master" that endeavors all illegal acts · Su Cai and Kakuma of Succubus type AI partner. Their prey was a girl with a cheat weapon "ending magic" that exceeds the physical limit.
    "That is a high school student who has earned 1.7 billion yen"
    "But this is the priority"
    Why help these little "ants" in the ultimate VR crime city?
     The strongest crime action, opening.

    Unnamed Memory

    Cursed King and the world 's strongest witch. The encounter rewrites fate.

    Legendary web novel keeping readers enthusiastic, book finally a long-awaited finally!

    "My wish is to make you my wife and give birth to a child"
    "I can not accept!"

    The heretics - witches who live a long time and call disaster with enormous power. Tako Oskar, the king of powerful Farsus, visits the world's most famous witch, Tinnasha, to remove the "curse that can not leave him descendants" that he received at a young age. Oscar who became a subscriber(?) by overcoming the test of "Witch Tower", but he wanted to greet Tinasha as his wife ....

    Realist Demon-Lord Rebuild One

    "Become a novelist" series Seriously exceeding 10 million PV in just six months, super-topic work!

    Mr. Fushase of the author, great excitement !!!!
    Beginning rice (least weak) Maou is spinning a new legend page of a different world rebirth, the different world demon king Heroism.

    "I am a goddess. Hello, Satoshi Ashtaroto, or Ashito better ... Choose whom I like"
     There was a reincarnation by a whimsical goddess, there were 72 demons reigning, chaos with brave and human being mixed up. It was a different world.
     As for Ryuta dema Ashtarro who was ordered to rebuild the world, we spin a new page of the legend to be handed down later on this place - a kind of rare intelligence and strategy weaponry, the real nova (rear list) The devil honors the endless ideal - a different world demon king Hideo Tan (Rebilling Mythology)!

    Strongest Princess Can Not Lose to Humanity's Gourmet

    Makai Strongest Princess VS Human Rice Dish Betting the Fate of the World LOL Gourmet Battle Opens!

    "Mankind, like dust, I will destroy"

    Makai's strongest princess Val Alice descends to the human world to destroy mankind.
    There was a strict rule to observe in the ordeal that the cultural objects of the place which proves that the world existed must be preserved before destroying it.
    Therefore, Val Alice who thinks to preserve human dish as a cultural thing.

    However, waiting for Val Alice was cooking of too much deliciousness by mere human beings, such as curry, ramen, sushi, pancake! 
    And it was the strongest chef who greatly departed from the regular humans who cooked with ridiculous commitment and heat for the customer!
    Well, can Val Alice overcome the temptation of food, save the food without stopping it, save it and eradicate humanity !?

    "Why, why is it so delicious!

    Good luck !" Val Alice! The best gourmet comedy battle that started betting the world's fate!


    On Bad Trip, sounds intriguing, though Google wasn't super helpful. A virtual world where crime is rampant? The author authored Index and Heavy Object. Makes sense since it seems to be a world of magic and urban stuff likely combined.

    Unnamed Memory's description is even more concise than the description on its web page, but loses something. It feels like the kind of description that spoils the whole opening chapter, but I guess we'll see how quick they are with that setup.

    The Demon-Lord one sounds like an Isekai. That the Demon-Lord is a reborn or whisked away hero.

    The final one is I think about a dragon or demon princess (?) who goes to our world to challenge the humans (I'm not sure if they invaded her world or what, but yeah, she's unhappy for some reason). But she appreciates their cooking, and wants to preserve it after ending all the human lives? Sounds fun and nothing too heavy hitting (she's clearly going to fail at her mission and let humans live so they can make more tasty food).

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    These are all officially released in Japan today, so you can take a look at the inserts from the links in the post above (click on the covers on Bookwalker).

    alt text

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    There's a few more promotional images (black and white inserts) on this Twitter post for the Princess one. Seems like there will be a lot of "Oyashii" in this one.

    "Why, why is it so delicious!"
    Valor Alice, the strongest princess of Makai, descended to Tokyo to destroy humanity.

    However, it was too delicious, this human cuisine that was waiting for her!
    Will you win over the temptation of food and destroy humanity !?

    New literary art of electric shock "Defeat of Ryuu Majinhime Val Alice"

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    The Princess food one already has fan art? =)

    alt text

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    @rahul-balaggan said in New Dengeki Label? LN News Has an Interview Posted in Japanese.:


    Not only princess food, but Demigod Dragon princess with food.

    That's next level!

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    Unnamed Memory English impressions (courtesy of Frog-Kun on Twitter).

    Finished Unnamed Memory last night. Gosh, what a gem. It completely scratches my "cute romance in a fantasy setting" itch, but even more than that, I'm just really impressed with the character writing. Every interaction is so nuanced, I can feel their emotional distance.