Alchemist no Fushigi na Ie (Alchemist's Mysterious House)

  • I found another amazing cover from Media Works Bunko that I HAD TO SHARE IT lol
    alt text

    I'm seriously weak against beautiful covers like these but what's more disastrous that Media Works Bunko is not only full of pretty covers but beautiful stories too.

    Title: Alchemist no Fushigi na Ie
    Eng lit. Alchemist's Mysterious House
    Publisher: Media Works Bunko
    Status: Complete (1 volume)

    He taught me the importance of living—he who calls himself Alchemist.
    On the day she finished her middle school graduation ceremony, Kohaku tried to kill herself at a unique beach. The next thing she knew she regained consciousness only to see a man with huge body and red hair that she never met before. A man who has an innocent smile like a child.
    In confusion, she asked the man standing in front of her, "is this other world?".
    Kohaku ended up having a mysterious life with three people including a white-haired youth called "homunculus" that will gradually melt a stubborn heart...

    I think it will be a beautiful warm book with a bit of fantasy and drama about how wonderful living can be with amazing cover.

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    @bloodygaikotsu Sounds interesting, but you might want to fix a few things in your synopsis:

    • Is this the other world?
    • gies with name of → named “Homunculus”
    • dissolve a stubborn heart → I think 溶かしていく is better translated as melt (at least I hope so)

    Also, can you tell us how you really feel about that cover?

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    Raise your hand if you upvoted cause of the cover alone.

  • @jaquobus
    Tbh, I always keep editing my posts a lot cuz of typos and various instances of inadequate phrases... (So, thanks~)

    Well, for the cover, if you wanna hear my detailed opinion (which may bore you)...

    I just have this soft spot for such covers, they feel fragile and gentle—ephemeral enough that the artwork may fall apart if I look away.
    There are many artworks that give the same vibe among Media Works Bunko covers that's why I really enjoy looking through their catalog.
    There are many different techniques/styles/compositions that give me this "feeling" of ephemeral beauty, in this case is the light source; while it feel like it's engulfing our subject (the girl), it ain't strong enough to be just big ball of white.

    In other covers, it's when the shot is of a fallen character (usually long haired girl) that almost feel like she's falling outta frame.

  • @rahul-balaggan
    Pretty sure if we get these books printed and put them in a bookstore, they will just sell for the covers.

  • @sinnoaria
    So alchemy was your weak point, I need to use that more~

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