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  • Sugaru Miaki is an author I fell in love with his work after I read his Three Days of Happiness.
    However, most of his work is released by the new line of Kadokawa that no one has touched (or seemingly has interest in?)...

    But his recent book was released by Hayakawa that JNC has ties I thought why not~ (Well, the real most recent book of his is a manga adaptation by Loundraw (Illustrator of I want to eat your pancreas) of a rewritten verison of one of his 2ch stories)

    alt text

    The story of us, who don’t have a single beautiful memory.

    Chihiro Amagai, a lonely young man implanted with fictional memories of adolescence due to a mistake, one summer meets his childhood friend who shouldn’t exist, Touka Natsunagi. Chihiro is puzzled, and Touka tells him: “You’ve forgotten a lot of things.” A love story that extends before they ever met, and was over before it began.
    (vgperson's translation)

    Simple way to say what the story is about:
    The story is about a man who’s opposed to the now-common practice of implanting false memories, but is one day given memories of a fictional childhood friend. This fabricated happiness torments him, but then, to his surprise, he meets her - a girl who shouldn’t exist.
    (By vgperson)

    Author's tweet about the story:

    A Teaser Interview About the Book and His First Experience With Hayakawa

    Suitable Audience:
    While there are Sci-Fi elements since this is Hayakawa, I think the most suitable audience is the same as I want to eat your pancreas, lovers of an emotional romance tale.