Crest of the Stars/Seikai no Monshou [Licensed by JNC]

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    Crest of the Stars/Seikai no Monshou
    Publisher: Hayakawa Publishing
    Novel: 3 Volumes (Complete); Sequel series Banner of the Stars/Seikai no Senki: 6 Volumes (Ongoing, latest volume released 9/2018 after almost 4 years)
    Manga: 6+ volumes (remake)
    Anime: Rescued and recently released by Funimation

    Crest of the Stars follows Jinto Lynn, a young count whose world is taken over by the space-dwelling race of the Abh. When Jinto was a young boy, his father, Rock Lynn, under threat of invasion, handed over their world, Martine, to the Abh in exchange for a position within Abh society. Jinto is sent off to school to learn the ways of Abh nobility and the story of Crest of the Stars picks up as he meets the young Abh princess, Lafiel as they are about to travel to military school for Jinto's further training.

    However, in the midst of their travels, Jinto and Lafiel find themselves at the very beginnings of a war between the Abh Empire and the Four Nations Alliance of humankind.

    Won Seiun Award in 1997.


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    Why I Think It Should Be Licensed:

    I saw the anime of this a long time ago, so honestly, I don't remember too much, but I'd love to re-experience it through the more detailed novels. Since Full Metal Panic was licensed, other Tokyopop titles could be on the table, so I figured now was as good a time as any to request this. JNC has relations with Hayakawa too, so it's not completely impossible.

    I should say upfront that I'm a fan of space opera as I've loved the pinnacle of the genre, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, for years and I've seen and enjoyed a lot of others such as: Toward the Terra, Space Battleship Yamato, various Gundam series, and recently the Captain Harlock manga and spin-off. If we ever get Macross out West, I'm sure I'd love it too. Needless to day, I may be biased toward space opera, and I'd love to read Crest of the Stars because it's considered a classic in the genre.

    • Crest of the Stars has a lot to offer: world-building, action-adventure, politics, and space warfare.
    • One aspect I haven't forgotten about the series that I thought was incredibly unique was the effort the author put into creating a language for the Abh, who are genetically-modified humans. It's a great personal touch that goes a long way to creating depth and culture.
    • The two leads had great chemistry and Lafiel is not a damsel who needs rescuing. Though I can't remember if the romance between them developed very much.
    • It's a slow-paced series, so it won't be for everybody, but if you've enjoyed any of the anime I listed above or if you like sci-fi, I think you'd find something to like in Crest of the Stars.

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    Been in my wishlist for a while. Don't know much about it, but I want more space scifi stuff.

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    The anime was really Good. One of my favorites from the mid 90s

    @hyperion said in Crest of the Stars/Seikai no Monshou:

    The two leads had great chemistry and Lafiel is not a damsel who needs rescuing. Though I can't remember if the romance between them developed very much.

    It does, though oddly as they are trying to construct a relationship in a culture that doesn't have marriage as a concept so a lot of the metal scaffolding just isn't there for Lafiel.

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